Being a Professional Gamer


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Jan 29, 2014
I was curious is anyone on the forum makes money this way. My brother plays professionally but also has a 9 to 5 style job because it seems he doesn't have enough sponsors to make enough to live off of. I've suggested he start a YouTube channel but not sure he's entirely serious about making it a full time thing. I suppose he things it's a fickle job to have & support a family on.

Has anyone here seriously considered a career in gaming or is playing professionally now?
Yeah. I have definitely, and I've watched plenty of pro circuits garnering knowledge on how to do so. And I've stopped. I've came the realization unless you know people in the industry or have a good following (like a youtube station or a twitch) you generally do NOT land sponsors. Sponsors don't want a nobody with no skills prior to asking for a sponsorship. It's quite hard to also with another Job because you have to dedicate a lot of time to training/get used to team play in sports (like LoL for example).

At my position in life, it's just not achievable for me since I don't know anyone =/
You have to be a serious gamer with a good group of players in now a days competitive gaming. Sponsorship and game money winnings is the only way to make a decent living off of it. Unless you are constantly going to these gaming competitions held around the country. But even that, I don't thing the money is that good.
I wouldn't mind it, but I sadly lack the friends and true needed skills to pull off anything to be a professional gamer. Plus I'm hearing more and more stories of hardships and people's bodies not being able to keep up with it.
It's not just sit down and earn money, not in the least. It takes a physical and mental tole on the players because it has to be played as a medium in which you have thrive to earn your living or you can't even travel to the next game tournament. They don't pay horribly well unless you're in regional/national qualifier rounds, or a World Tournament. So even locals and states don't divvy out funds that much and you have to find a sponsor which relies on popularity.
The pay and fame may go up soon thanks to ESPN starting to broadcast gaming tournaments. But I can't help but feel this isn't a good career move to earn and live off of.
It's not, not yet. It'll be a budding thing in the future; even have very good prospects since ESPN is indeed showing it. I can only hope it catches on though, that way more sponsors will see it's there to stay so the job opportunities DO arise.
I'm sure that he would be able to make good money if he had a channel on YouTube. There are so many people out there who watch video game videos. I usually do so when I'm stuck at a part, it's just easier because it helps me to get through it. I think that if he does want to make money then he should try that. If you told him more about it then he might think about doing it. I mean the only downside would be having to make people aware of the channel, and promoting.
I've never really considered it because the games that I enjoy are not played in the professional gaming scene. But it's a great opportunity for young people these days. Here in South Africa, there are quite a few guys that play professionally and are making good money from it. Even the mainstream medium is promoting it as another career path for those that finish school.

Perhaps your brother could start a YouTube channel, but that's going to also suck quite a bit of his time. He should try it out if he has good time management skills.