Being vulnerable with people


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Mar 25, 2016
A woman I met on a dating site, who was pretty smart, taught me to be vulnerable with people and that it's a good thing. People worry all the time questions like, am I disclosing too much information about myself? Or am I opening up too much? But it's never the situation they worry about that gets them. Chances are they will end up getting hit by a bus or get their information stolen by some random hacker they had no connection with, which makes me wonder, unless you have protective parents or something, why worry about being open? I'm pretty open, for example, on this forum. I even had a picture of myself up for awhile. I want to be drunken, not with wine, not with vulgarity or perversion, but with openness.
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And with this thread, since it's about being vulnerable, I will also tell you the story of how a video game saved my life....

The video game Golden Sun 1 for GBA got me through a tough time in my life. It's hard being 13. For some reason, I'd say that teenagers are more depressed and suicidal than most, and I had both problems when I was 13. Well I picked up this game and let's just say, it got my mind off my problems long enough that I didn't do anything.

What happened originally is that I made a really great friend who I knew for almost a year. Well my parents decided they didn't want him around me because he was 2 years older and had a slightly colorful vocabulary and wasn't as strict as my parents. So they disallowed me completely from hanging out with him once they got to know him. I was pretty upset.

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