Best bathroom game?


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Jan 29, 2014
C'mon, don't you lie. You've been there. So, tell the truth what's the best bathroom game on your phone? It can't get you too invested otherwise you'll be in there for a suspicious amount of time. People start knocking & asking questions. I'll admit it: I've played Tetris.
Tetris is a fun bathroom game but I am still liking Farm Heroes. I don't play often, but I don't have a hard time setting this game down when I do start playing.

If I just so happen to take my DS into the bathroom with me and I somehow get comfortable, I tend to tell others to go to the other bathroom. Usually I will be playing something like Zelda, Mario, Pokemon etc. and I get stuck somewhere that I don't wanna pause.
I don't usually take my phone or my 3DS when going in bathroom cause I get it and get out. But very rarely I will take my phone and play some Soccer Spirits or tetris just depends what game I am addicted to at the time.
I tend to compartmentalize how I use the space within my apartment. I only watch TV, play games, and read in the living room area. I only cook in the kitchen area. I only sleep and dress in the bedroom. And, uh... well... I don't play video games or read in the bathroom. Much like Christina, I get in and get out and try to minimize my time spent in that, my least favourite, room.
Clash of Clans definitely!

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