Best console controller?


Dec 19, 2013
Super NES
Maganavox was the first console which could be connected to a TV. From them on, several consoles have appeared. Right now, we have Wii U, Play Station 4 and X-Box One. What is your favorite console controller? For me, Dualshock 4, Wii Remote and Wii Pad. Nintendo is really great at designing controllers.
The Dualshock 2. Plain and simple I have never had my hands on a more perfect controller then the dual shock 2. It's comfy, works great in fighting games (unlike xbox controllers) and has just enough buttons but not too many and the pressure sensitive face buttons are really awesome too.
GameCube with no contest whatsoever ^_^
crunchyg said:
GameCube with no contest whatsoever ^_^

I've never been able to understand that.
I thought it was uncomfortable and the D-PAD is literally the worst..
I'm curious as to why?
I like the NES & SNES controllers. Maybe because I'm an old elite gamer since the 1980's.
iceskater101 said:
The PS3 controller is too skinny and small. I like thicker controllers.
This thing. Nuff said.
INDIGO PURPLE that's a winning hardware color if I've ever seen one.
crunchyg said:
INDIGO PURPLE that's a winning hardware color if I've ever seen one.
I only own the Silver controller, but I see why you like the purple one.
The 360 controller just edges out the PS2 controller for me. I really enjoy a controller that lets me get my big, old creepy spider mitts around it. I also like for my controllers to spaz out as a part of game immersion. Also the context relevance of the control scheme means that I get a variety of games with interesting quirks without having too difficult a learning curve between games.
NintendoCosmos said:
I like the NES & SNES controllers. Maybe because I'm an old elite gamer since the 1980's.

Now, I love me some NES controller but if you are playing for hours on end you have to admit it can hurt like a moofoo. However, I wholly agree with jbeavis100. Dualshock 2 has always been comfortable and easy to use for me.
I consider the SNES'' controller to have been absolutely perfect! It ergonomically fit my hand like a glove, had a near-optimal number of buttons for me!

Earlier controllers were much less ergonomic and either had too few buttons, or had way too many buttons and looked like a calculator or a TV remote!

Later controllers were unwieldly, convoluted messes that were difficult to adopt and had too many buttons--the
N64 being the worse offender on that score.

Sony's PlayStation controllers were a return to the SNES' controller's reasonable and preferable form.
I would have to say that my favorite is the playstation controller. I think that I just like how much smaller they are than the xbox ones. Those aree the only ones that I have played with besides the Wii, and I didn't like the Wii. I think that it's so much easier to use than the xbox one.
The GameCube controller, enough said. I just love the way it feels in my hand and I can play Smash Bros. for hours and my hands still don't hurt. May hands sweat like crazy when I play with it though. Small con to many pros.;)
Best controller for 2D games such as fighters, platformers and shmups is the Sega Saturn controller. It's so damn good in this department that it's been re-released for the PC & PS3 in recent years.

Most comfortable controller has to be the GameCube controller which works very well with 3D platformers and racing games. Pity the d-pad is awful, a huge oversight on Nintendo's part but otherwise an excellent controller.
Original NES controllers feel the best, still after all these years, A B and a directional pad is all a game REALLY needs if they have good writing/plot.

Failing NES, N64, GameCube, Dreamcast, or the original XBOX DUKE controllers (the huge ones) because they were unique feeling and not the same old playstation controller over and over with slight modifications.

I think this is the reason I love the WII remote so much - A, B, couple other buttons like a trigger, but mainly it's just A B and directional pad like NES - why I like it.

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