Best Donkey Kong Country Returns levels


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Mar 5, 2016
What are your favorite DK Country Returns level for each stage? Here are my personal favorites:

Favorite Stage 1 Levels:

1-4: Sunset Shore/Palm Tree Grove: The background seemed pretty cool, and I liked how they made it look like it was almost night time.
1-5: Canopy Cannons: Amazingly fun and also fascinating.
1-6: Crazy Cart: Same as 1-5

Favorite Stage 2 Levels:

2-3: Peaceful Pier: Fun, and I loved the music!
2-6: Blowhole Bound: Liked how you got to ride a whale.. yay!!
2-7: Tidal Terror: Hard, but it was very cool where you had to hide from the waves.

To be honest, I did not like 2-5 (Stormy Shore) since I hate octopus... ew..

Favorite Stage 3 Levels:

3-5: Itty Bitty Biters: The Itty Bitty Biters seemed cute, tbh.
3-6: Temple Topple: I get to ride a rhino and destroy stuff! Yay!

Favorite Stage 4 Levels:

4-5: This level made me laugh.. and that is why I kept failing...

Favorite Stage 5 Levels:

5-5: Longshot Launch: I liked where you get to blast out of cannons, go long distances, and go past the Tiki's mouths. It is truly a Longshot Launch.

We can all agree that 5-8 (Muncher Marathon) is a nightmare.. or is it just me?

Favorite Stage 6 Levels:

6-4: Boulder Roller: LOVED this level. Seemed hard, but it was fun avoiding the boulders!
6-7: Tippy Shippy: A very unique level a lot like stage 2, but in the high cliffs! It was really cool.

Favorite Stage 7 Levels:

Oh.. my... goodness.. I have a lot to say about this one.

7-1: Foggy Fumes: Awesome, fun, great design!
7-3: Handy Hazards: VERY UNIQUE and fun! I liked how the hands were the hazards instead of normal factory objects... geez.. I love this level.
7-4: Gear Getaway: Hard, but the music adds more action to this level and it is very fun!
7-6: Switcheroo: Oh man.. Another unique and fun level!
7-7: Music Madness: It just keeps getting better and better!

Favorite Stage 8 Levels:

8-7: Red Red Rising: It makes your heart pressure go up, and Donkey Kong goes up as well! Very fun, good difficulty, and fascinating!

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