Best game soundtrack of all time


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Jun 20, 2013
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What was your favorite soundtrack of all time? Mine was Legend of Zelda: Majoras Mask. The soundtrack was amazing, it felt creepy and mysterious. It truly gave you a terrible feeling of doom and destruction the entire way through the game. This made it my favorite Zelda game of all time too.
There are many amazing game soundtracks, but the Super Mario Galaxy OST outdid almost everything that came before it. Wind Garden from the Gusty Garden Galaxy is the most superb game theme I've heard in a long time.


This is my favorite song in any game ever.
Out of my head, I'd say Devil May Cry 3

Final Fantasy and Super Mario have great soundtracks too...

Can't decide on one favorite :(
There are just so many awesome game soundtracks, it's hard to choose just one. Generally I like my game soundtracks to sound like actual game music and properly utilize a system's sound chip. I've also got a soft spot for PSG & FM-synth sound chips that were available before wavetable synthesis was introduced. Therefore my fave game music comes from that era, a few examples are: Double Dragon (arcade), Out Run (arcade), Space Harrier (arcade), Musha Aleste (Mega Drive), Thunder Force IV (Mega Drive), Aleste Gaiden (MSX), Silpheed (PC/AdLib), Thexder (PC/AdLib) and Zeliard (PC/AdLib).

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