Best Games for GBA

Astro Boy: Omega Factor was actually a pretty good game. TMNT was a fun beat 'em up as well. If we're talking RPG, I liked Sigma Star Saga. Ooo Pinball of the Dead also fun.
Jeeeeze, just top three? Thats tough....

The two Metroids are out of this world amazing, same goes for two of the three Castlevanias. I'm also a massive fan of Ironman (NOT a film-based game) and Minish Cap. Man, so many, really....

GBA is a fantastic system! I'm not a big fan of the original release system(s), but the SP-101s delight me to no end - I always keep a pile of systems around even though I can run GBA games on our DS Lites. :D
I'm getting the feeling rather quickly you, good sir, might be doing a lot of modding on these systems. Nothing like having a few good Frankenstein's monsters in the house. ;)
Nahhh, "Frankenstein's Monster" would be pushing it a bit, hehe...I'm just talking about a few PSPs that have been, errrrm, lets say 'slightly altered'. ;)

You know, though, for as powerful and amazing as the PSPs are, I just can't keep my hands off the Lites - they are what I reach for most, almost exclusively! :)
All four Mega Man Zero titles that came out for the GBA were excellent. The first two are my personal favorites and I highly recommend them. Gunstar Super Heroes is the last game that Treasure developed for the system, it also came out late in it's lifespan. That's why the pushed they GBA to it's limits. This is one of the most technically impressive games that I've ever experienced on a 16-bit handheld, worth getting hold of.
In my opinion: Super Mario Advance, Pokemon (all of them!), Harvest Moon (my soft spot) and The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap.
Megaman and Bass, loved that game randomly for no apparent reason. Just an obscure favorite.
The Pokemon games are always good, but for an emulator that might be hard to find (unless your talking about homebrew, which there are a lot of good ones. If your going this way i recommend Snakewood). There is always the tony hawk games and mother 3 though. I still just like the actual gameboy anyways, even with all this emulator stuff :)
Nah, it's really easy to find quality emulators for the GBA. The top ten emulators and an entire library are on a free site that I've frequented these last ten or so years. Very trustworthy and reliable, won't post a link for advertisement reasons but PM me if you need it.
In my experience Pokemon games are the easiest to find for emulators actually! There are a lot of them available, as well as fan-made versions!
Golden Sun and Golden Sun The Lost Age are hands down the best GBA games, in my opinion. I've beat Golden Sun 5 times and The Lost Age 3.
Nobody suggested this: Yu Yu Hakusho Tournament Tactics

As the title suggests, it's a tactical role-playing game where you play Yusuke's team and beat ghouls to a pulp. It's a really good game overall in my opinion and enjoyable if you've watched the Yu Yu Hakusho anime.
If you're a strategy or X-Com fan, then Rebelstar is a must.
The presentation may not be 100% but the game play is really scratches that strategy itch.

You can also set up quick skirmish game between you and the AI or you and a friend (pass and play) so it has a long life to it.

There is enough equipment and weapons available to put together any kind of squad you prefer to play tactics wise.

The turned based style of play is good for your smartphone emulator as I couldn't imagine using touch screen controls on a fast paced game.
I believe Pokémon roms are the best Gameboy advanced games there so fun and adventurous.
Lawnachaun gave a pretty awesome list! My favorites were Pokémon, especially Emerald/Ruby/Sapphire but I played FireRed and LeafGreen too, Castlevania Harmony of Dissonance, and the DBZ games were really fun too. I remember my brother owning the DBZ games and me always taking them from him haha.

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