Best Megaman game?


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Jul 9, 2013
I think there were a total of six Megaman games for the NES, I'm not sure, but which one was everyone's favorite? Mine was Megaman 2. I felt it had the best villains, and the gameplay wasn't easy, but it wasn't too hard eaither. I forget which Megaman it was, but I remember one of them being so hard it was actually annoying.
As much as everyone loves 2, I actually prefer Megaman 3. I personally thought that MM3 was just better, or it might just be the music that makes me like the game over the others. It's the one megaman game I remember over the others and remember how much fun I had. Although the metal blade in 2 is pretty memorable too.
I also love when Megaman gets the charge shot, but I suppose I would prefer Megaman 9 over 4, 5, or 6, which isn't an NES title, but still inspired by the classics...
I played both Megaman 2 and 3 and I would say Megaman 2 is definitely more difficult! Though most of the stages in Megaman 2 was quiet easy, at least for me. I prefer Megaman 2 more than 3. The music and graphics are better to me. I probably said this because I spent more time on Megaman 2.
I like megaman 2 the best. It was amazing, and it is the only one I have really gotten into. I stopped playing them after 3.
My favourite Megaman game is actually the SNES' Megaman X! I loved playing a more advanced version of Megaman with various upgrades on a 16-bit console! The new setting, characters, and motifs were a refreshing change of pace from facing off against Dr. Wiley and his latest gang of eight yet again!

Given the above, one might expect me to say that Megaman 7 or 8 were my favourite entries from the main series. However, for purely nostalgic reasons: it's a virtual tie between the NES' Megaman II and III as my favourites--with III just edging out II!
Yep, ignoring that Rockman board game for the Famicom system, there were six MegaMan games for the NES. My favorite boss was the fake Wily alien in part 2. Reason why was it required some skill to beat him, and at the same time, it wasn't frustrating.

The most frustrating Megaman boss was definitely the bloody Yellow Devil in part 1. Not only did you have to avoid all those boulders coming at you, he was also quite tricky to hit during his vulnerable moments. The level itself was also frustrating. I did manage to beat him eventually without ever using the pause glitch, but boy did it take a lot of effort on my part to do so. After that, it was a relatively quick breeze through the rest of the game (but still frustrating).

As for my favorite Megaman game ever, I'm guessing it's part 3. That had a lot of levels to go through, and none of them were as frustrating as part 1.

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