Best Nintendo 64 Mario Title?

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Johnny Hopkins

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Nov 24, 2014
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When I first got my N64 my favourite game was Mario 64. Some of my fondest memories of videogames are from that game and I remember having so much fun with it. So what was yours? I know that the N64 had quite a number of mario games.
Mario 64, without a doubt; and I'll tell you why with a couple music videos:

Dire Dire Docks!


Hell yeah, Mario 64. Banjo Kazooie. Vex. So many good platformers from this genre.
I'd be surprised if anybody would give you an answer that is not "Super Mario 64", because the game was too good to not be considered the best. It was absolutely revolutionary, being the first 3D Mario game, and since the gameplay was amazing it's hard to find a better N64 game. The only thing I didn't like about the game was one of the last stages. I'm not sure how the stage was called, but it was the bonus level sort of thing where you only had to collect 8 red coins/1 star using the wing cap to fly from cloud to cloud. That stage really scared me as a kid, because of how afraid I was to fall off.
Of course "Super Mario 64". The reason for me is that it was the first game that I had ever gotten on the 64 and it was the only game that I had for a really long time. To me it was one of the best games that I ever had on the console.
I have to go with the consensus and vote for the truly revolutionary Mario 64 as the best Nintendo 64 Mario game! It was a thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining entry in the franchise that brought us fully into a truly 3D gaming experience!

Mario Kart 64 takes a well deserved second place ranking!
No, way! I love me some Mario Kart but I love Super Smash Bros so much it hurts. That game stands the test of time. I can still play it today & have a blast. I guess it can be debated whether Smash Bros is a 'Mario' title but it does have a fistful of Mario characters.
It would be a tie for me between Mario 64 and smash bros, both were epic games that I spent my time playing and replaying till I grew sick of it all.

But Smash was more fun playing than SM64 and getting all 120 stars again.
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