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Mar 7, 2016
Do you have any soundtracks recommendations from games?
The Last Story, Golden Sun, 3D Sonics.

Perhaps I'll post some videos if I get the time.
I'll add these to my listening list, thank you so much! (and thanks a lot for the other thread @Shane !)
I really enjoy this one from the one's you posted @Jack Lovejoy ! I don't even remembered these existed :LOL:
You probably already know but Twilight Princesses soundtrack is AMAZING.. Other amazing sound tracks include pretty much all Pokemon games Oot and Skyward swords soundtrack ( I like MM and WWs soundtracks to but they do not really stand up to the other 3 3d zelda games soundtracks imo) Undertale and Ori and the Blind forest are also Great games with GREAT music.
Oh, from any game? Try this!

I pasted the link on a certain timeframe (where my most favorite is), but I suggest you try listening to them all!
BTW, this is from a PS1 game. :D

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