Best Super Smash Bros game


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Apr 9, 2014
I was sitting and thinking to myself which one of the Super Smash brothers game do I like I really like the one on the WII U now but I still think that the better smash brothers that I have played has to be Melee. Which one of the Super Smash brothers games do you prefer?
I really have only played the one for Wii and N64. I never did like the one for Wii, not to say I won't enjoy the Wii-U version when I do finally upgrade. I simply didn't like the nun-chuck action for the Wii. It felt weird to hold and just wasn't my cup of tea. Therefore, N64 version is currently my favorite by default :]
i seem to be controlling the new one better than i used to, but Melee will always be special for some reason. Even though the difficutly drove me nuts.
Yeah Melee was just the type of game that had the thing that you look for. I liked the one on the wii and I never played the game using the nun chuk I would always play it using the one controller to me it was a little weird at first, but once I got the hang of it I became unstoppable.