Best Use of Online Gameplay?


Jun 1, 2015
Having had a DS for years it wasn't really until the year before last when I got Animal Crossing: New Leaf that I made full use of the online gameplay. For the first time ever I exchanged friend codes with people I'd never met from across the globe, and loved initiating trades through online forums, visiting each others towns and such.

I've not really found another game where I've used the function so extensively, though I'm sure there are many that exist. Which games do you use the online functionality for the most? Do you feel it enhances your gameplay?

As the ACNL network seems to have died off a little, I find myself no longer playing as I miss the community feel of the game.
not a fan, except for Mario Kart 8. thats a blast
The first game on DS that really did it for me was Diamond/Pearl and the ability to trade Pokemon all over the world. It was pretty cool getting to trade with people who you maybe talk to online but live in different states or even other countries. Other than that I think I probably use online for Mario Kart more than anything else. I'm terrible at it but it's still such a fun game to play with people over skype and every once in a while I can get a lucky item or just be "on" when everyone else is having a bad race and yet a win. One win for 99 12ths :D
No one said Metroid Prime: Hunters??? It's a FP (which I've mentioned I hate to play) but the gameplay & story itself really makes up for that. I'd give it a go.
So far the only Nintendo game I've ever played online was the new Smash Bros. It's actually a lot more fun than I had imagined. I thought it'd be like Call of Duty online where you're dropped with a handful of extremely intense people screaming and killing you 12 times for each time you kill them. But it was actually very enjoyable and balanced, it's what I've long wanted from online gaming, as indeed, my example is in good part what keeps me from playing online more often.
I guess ultimately it depends on the nature of the game, but even some games have better matchmaking than others, and so far I'm pleased with Nintendo Network.
I play Mario Kart 8 the most often online. Its pretty cool on how I get matched up against people around the world with about the same skill level. Even though im playing against people in like Japan/New Zealand the game isn't laggy at all which is a huge plus.

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