Best Wii game and why


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Apr 9, 2013
What's the best Wii game in your opinion? Why do you consider it the best?

(also, feel free to name the games you consider the worst, but don't forget to explain why)

Even though there are many great games for the Wii, the one I consider THE best has to be Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
The previous two Super Smash games were awesome and groundbreaking, both the N64 and GameCube wouldn't have been the same without Super Smash and Super Smash Melee respectively. This third title is incredible, with 35 characters to choose from, many different play modes, an almost endless list of achievements, trophies and stickers to unlock. Plus the possibilty to play the demo versions of old NES and SNES classics and to play online tournaments with friends and random online players. And for those reluctant to the Wii commands, you can choose to play it using your Wii remote sideways (as a regular NES contoller), the Wii remote + Nunchuk (the most comfortable imo) and you can use your old GameCube controller.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl is one of the most complete extense titles I've played, not only on the Wii, but on every console so far.

I also enjoyed Super Smash Bros Brawl. I loved the diversity of characters and items, as well as all the achievements you could gain. I did however find Skyward Sword to be by favorite Wii game. There was so much to discover and I loved all the characters in the game. It was really an adventure for me. The bosses were exciting and the Spirit Realm was cool as well. I suppose I simply fell in love with the story plot. Link had a few new items as well. The only thing I would have preferred would for the game to be a little darker, like in Twilight Princess.
Skyward Sword was one of the best for the Wii, I agree, the thing is, I had sooo much expectations towards that game that when I played I felt like they weren't fulfilled. I was expecting a ground-breaking innovative concept, and I think it ended up being too simple and mainly focused on the 'motion' part of the Wii, instead of focusing on the gameplay and plot, it is definetely on my TOP 5 of Zelda games, but it's on the 5th place.
I liked Red Steel, Madworld and Donkey Kong Country a lot. But my absolute favorite was Epic Mickey. I even went out and bought the paintbrush Nunchuck. I thought it was just a really cool game for kids and adults.
Any Mario game because they are created very nicely and are extremely fun to play.
I would say Super smash brawl as well! I mostly prefer most of the Mario game because there is a lot to do in the game.
There isn't a lot of games on the Wii I enjoy but most of the game I do enjoy are from the Mario series because I have a background experience with
othe Mario games which makes it much more fun.
I don't know - it's something of a toss-up between either Skyward Sword or Shattered Memories. Skyward was great overall with graphics and you know... being a great Zelda game that really pushed the capabilities of the Wii in the best ways possible. Shattered Memories was not only a horror game (which were unfortunately rare on the ground for the Wii) it was also a truly mature and horrifying edition of Silent Hill. I hate what they did to Harry (he's my favorite), but the story and all was excellent and it did use the system in a pretty interesting manner. I can't decide...
[SIZE=12.727272033691406px]Wii Music has been my all time favourite simply because it's so unique in comparison to whats out there, it's truly a game that only Nintendo could produce. The variety of instruments is really huge and some are really [/SIZE]wacky[SIZE=12.727272033691406px] Whilst you are stuck with playing predefined songs you can still customise and tweak a lot. It's not really a game per se but more of an app, but I think it's perfectly fine. It makes good use of the Wii's motion sensors rather than being just a gimmick. There's also a lot of opportunity for multiplayer, especially with the bell game which has always been a huge hit for parties.[/SIZE]
I think the best wii game is Skyward Sword. I think this because it is the only game that took motion controls and made them work amazingly. It felt great to wield the remote like a sword and shield, and actually feel like I was attacking my opponents. It brought a new level of immersion to the game, every fight felt more intimate, more personal. Also the graphics were amazing for the wii, the impressionist style fit the game perfectly, it was so colorful and beautiful. No other wii game has utilized motion controls that well. It made me wonder how I played Zelda without the motion controls.
I really enjoyed playing Wii Sports and Super Smash Brawl. They were really fun to play especially when you have people to play with you. Every time my niece and nephew came, i'd put in Wii Sports and we'd have a blast. It's a good game since there's no violence or anything of that nature and safe for kids.
There are a few games that I could pick from. Brawl was good, but I didn't have as much fun with it as I did with Melee. I found it a bit too slow and floaty for my tastes. It's good to see that the new one looks quicker, yet should still have a lot of the content that Brawl did.

Twilight Princess was fantastic, quite possibly my favourite of the series. Obviously, Mario Galaxy was a brilliant game, again potentially my favourite 3D Mario. But I don't think either of those quite deserves the title.

I've got to be honest and say that Sonic Colours was absolutely fantastic. It captured everything that a Sonic game should have - speed and controlled platforming, and that sense of wonder at a beautifully varied world. Definitely sparked the 'comeback' of Sonic, not that I really think he was ever in any trouble. But it's not my favourite game.

Controversially, I really liked Tales of Symphonia 2. A lot of people didn't like it since it was very different to the first - I think a lot of people wanted a follow-up with the original cast, so having them appear as just cameos made them unhappy. Personally, I really liked Emil and Marta, and really enjoyed the story too. It did help that it had the setting of the previous game to work from though. Unfortunately, it was relatively short for a 'Tales of' game, and a couple of other minor niggles prevent it from being my top game.

There's only one option for me really - Xenoblade Chronicles. I ended up waiting for about 18 months before I actually bought it. I'd wanted it as soon as it came out, but a combination of no money and no time meant I didn't buy it for a long time. Quite frankly, I regret not making the time for it. A brilliant storyline, a fun (and somewhat different) battle system, and absolutely gorgeous environments all come together to create a game that isn't only the best game I played for the Wii, but quite probably the best game I played this generation. I suggest everybody tries to play this, and I'd definitely look into Monolith's 'X', which appears to be a spiritual successor of sorts.
I'm going to have to agree with you and say Super Smash Bros. It is a classic and will never get old or boring. The game play is fantastic and is always fun to just pick up and play. It has been around for generations where you have it for N64, Gamecube or Wii, it seems like everyone has at least played it once.
Before I even read the thread I said to myself I think that Smash brothers brawl has to be the best game that I have ever played on the WII and it is one game that I still play to this day. The game is just seriously the most fun game that I have ever played on the WII.
I would have to say that my favorite Wii game would have to be the sports games that the first Wii came with. I'm not sure if all the Wii's came with this, but mine did. It was actually nice because I know that a lot of the Wii's are coming out with games that my family wouldn't play. Most of the games that we play with the Wii are the sports games. We don't have any of the Super Mario games just because no one in my family really likes those games. Plus, you can get a pretty good workout if you try hard enough when you're playing the sports games. So, what is your favorite Wii game?
It's a toss up between Super Mario Galaxy and Sin & Punishment: Star Successor for me. I'll probably go with Super Mario Galaxy since it's the most inventive 3rd platforming game I've played in my entire life. Such intricate level-design is something I don't often find in most modern games. Therefore Super Mario Galaxy stand heads and shoulders above the rest of the platforming pack.
Super Mario Galaxy 2 is my favorite. It's weird because I didn't really play it play it until like, last year.
Kirby's Epic Yarn was a great tale. For what it was, I found it quite enjoyable. I can't say I owned too many Wii games though. I used my system more for GameCube to be honest.
The Last Story. But I talked about in another thread how I only liked it when online play was available.

If the online play isn't, then I would choose Zelda Skyward Sword. I actually kind of liked the controls of that game. Fighting was fun, and I liked the atmosphere.
Oh really? I have to deiced between Galaxy 2, Skyward sword, Twilight princess AND Brawl??
Brawl is great but not as good as Melee as Ssb4 imo, But Subspace is really cool!
Galaxy 2 is a amazing game but i feel as if it just does not feel like a real world like Sunshine and Mario 64. Good doe.
Now Skyward Sword and Twilight Princess.. I really find it hide to decide between these two but i would go for TP i guess just because the game stuck with me. (Not saying SS didn't, TP just stuck with me even more.)