Best Wii U Games to get for Christmas


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Apr 9, 2014
I am trying to get some good games for the WII U for this Christmas to play at home with the family for the holidays. I am wondering if some of you could help me with some games that you think would be some good ones that I could spend some time playing with some of my family that will be coming over on Christmas day.
Mario Kart and Super Smash Brothers are both fantastic multiplayer games. What I especially like about Smash Bros is the way you have a timed match with the winner announced at the end - games where you get repeatedly beaten by somebody else can get boring!

I haven't played it, but Super Mario 3d World has a multiplayer feature where all the players go through the levels together. I know that's supposed to be an excellent game.

And don't forget that the Wii U is backwards compatible too (as long as you have Wiimotes and a sensor bar plugged in), so there's the classic Wii Sports for all those who don't know anything about gaming!
Definitely put SSB4 on top of your list. It is never too late to grab it. I bought mine last month. Now with winter break, I have all the time to play it. And I can tell you that it is one of the best game so far. They added a lot new but familiar characters to the rooster. A lot of changes which include the EIGHT multi-player mode. Also look for upcoming Zelda. I am very hype for it.