Best Zelda character

^Malo was an awesome baby!

I personally like Saria from Ocarina of Time. She seemed to be that perfect understanding friend that anyone would want. I also love how green she is! Unfortunately, she is just one color away from being a Christmas elf but she is still very adorable in all her green.

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I own so many Zelda games & *building suspense...building suspense...* I've played none of them! Nope, not one. Well, hold on, I'll be honest I played the living life out of Link's Crossbow Training. :D
^^Thats the only one i don't have. Im going in with serious Hyrule Warrior experience and going with Impa. Youtube her mowing down some monsters, its awesome.
Personally I really enjoyed the story of Sheik from LoZ: Ocarina of Time. From the mystery of who this shady character to where he (or she) may be. I enjoyed learning the songs from this ninja type character. So what is everyone's favorite LoZ character and why?
Other characters from LoZ? Hmm. The Happy Mask Salesman got his own Game pretty much in Majora's Mask, so there's that. Or I'd probably choose him.


People may say HUH!? But I like the many incarnations of Ganon. To see his story each time and the way they deal with it was interesting. As a hero has their own story, so does their respective villain. So I can't help but believe that Ganon has an interesting story. He always wants to conquer POWER throughout time to become the greatest even if that is evil in intentions. I'd like to see a Zelda story from the other perspective, that of the enemy and Link/Zelda are the evil ones. I think that would be good.

@pandabear1991 Malo is pretty much the best baby in all of video gaming! lol And Saria is wonderful, even if she does almost look like a Christmas elf XD She really is a great friend to Link.

@JoanMcWench Haha, well at least you've played one of the games! I always thought that one in particular could have opened the gates to a whole series of Zelda spinoffs. Alas.....

@dustinb12 Impa is almost too awesome for words :)
It is so hard to pick just one best character in a series that has offered so many great ones but I am a huge fan of Tetra. I love the interactions between here and Link and hope we haven't seen the last of her in this series. I also agree with Shimus that it would be great to see a game from Ganon's perspective. I doubt we will ever see it outside of a fan made game but you never know.
^Gannondorf's speech at the end of Wind Waker was IMO similar to Anakin at the end of Episode 3. Kind of like Who is really evil from which point of view. The road to hell is paved with good deeds and all..

After using him in Hyrule Warriors, it would be a cool game
@AudaciouslyAwkward and @rainingxrose Totally agree with Tetra! (spoiler: she's in our video :p) We'd love to see her make a return in another Zelda game, especially a new console one. So much tude in such a small package!

@Taylor W Droege I've been hoping that Skull Kid would get added to Smash as DLC for ages! Still crossing my fingers.
I've been hoping that Skull Kid would get added to Smash as DLC for ages! Still crossing my fingers.

Skull Kid! i never thought of that. He'd be awesome in smash, maybe bring the Giants down on somebody...sweet
The Giants from Majora's Mask. When all seems lost, this plays:

And then you know you didn't work for nothing, that you saved the world - yet again!
I always loved getting Epona in Ocarina of Time. I know she was technically just a horse, but there was something seriously satisfying about being able to gallop across Hyrule Field and just kinda squish enemies as they popped up without an ounce of effort. So yes, oddly enough, my vote goes the to horse :p
This is a hard question to answer, as there are so many good characters throughout the games. But personally, I've always had a fondness for Kafei and Anju. Majora's Mask is my favorite Zelda game and I always loved how connected their sidequest was with every part of Clock Town. It takes forever to do and it's so easy to mess up...but it's still one of my favorite quests in the game and pretty much brought me to tears the first time I went through it! The mystery of Kafei fascinated me to no end the first time I played - this game was probably my first foray into narrative gaming and racing against time to reunite the two lovers left an impact on me that lasts to this day.

Runner-up would probably be Peatrice from Skyward Sword...I just love sarcastic girls that soften up to you over time. I always accept her affection, the little heart she makes with her hands when you talk to her is just too cute.
I have to say Fi from skyward sword is up there. I never expected to be in love with friendly AI since NAVI ruined that for me in OOT, but FI felt real. Felt nice to hear her thoughts the end of the game. Even her theme was haunting and chilling, and probably only one of times in the whole of ZELDA I actually had a man-tear when they said goodbye.

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