Bethesda and 2k not confirming the games in the trailer?

Jack Lovejoy

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Jan 23, 2016
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Hey, a recent report said that Bethesda and 2k did not confirm the games on the switch trailer, skyrim especially......

I find it fishy that a game would be on the NS that is not confirmed in the trailer, but is nintendo going to repeat the same thing like back in the Wii U where third parties said they are going to come, but they haven't?
They worked with Nintendo on the trailer. And logic leans toward saying that if it's in the trailer, even though it's not confirmed, it's probably coming to the Switch anyway.
Just means because of NDA's they are not allowed to talk about it
From what i've read, neither would commit or confirm those titles. All they are saying is that they worked on the trailer. I find it pretty fishy that they wouldnt confirm as its obvious what those gamers are. Here a youtube video which describes my thoughts about it...
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Rich doesn't hate Nintendo he's critical of all three of them. He gave Microsoft flack for the Xbox One reveal and he's given it to Sony when they announced the PS4 Slim and put resolution over performance. Saying something negative about Nintendo doesn't make you a scum bag.
Depends on if it's an informed decision or simply deliberately ignoring correct or positive information
I can understand where you're coming from to an extent especially since he didn't give sources and most of that didn't turn out to be true but just because the president of PlayStation called something is stupid doesn't mean it's wrong. The PS4 was about to launch and of course he (this goes for any president or higher up of any corporation) would want to deny things like that. I will say though from what I understand the whole "PS4 was going to have the same DRM thing but then changed it when they saw the backlash at Xbox" thing is true as well as the "we were going to include a camera and make the console $499 but changed our mind last minute". So when he makes the point that Sony isn't some magical god-like savior they're a corporation he's right on the money.
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The argument is that we might have seen this from Nintendo before when they introduced a new console in a sizzle reel, and it could happen again.

Considering how popular(i think) Skyrim is, it could be semi-false advertising to have it featured so prominently when there is no confirmation from the publisher or Nintendo. I hope i'm wrong.

I can't remember if it was Nintendo or if it was Deep Silver or whoever it was but I do remember when the Wii U was being announced there was mention of Metro: Last Light coming to the console however a few months before it was released the developer released a statement saying it wasn't happening.
A youtuber informer by the name of MundaneMatt got a report from a Bethesda representative that Skyrim is indeed coming to the Switch

He commented himself in a video where he says that Nintendo Switch might have false advertised, but corrected himself with a word from a Bethesda employee.
Skyrim on Switch will be really cool, hopefully it's the Special Edition that's coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4. From the looks of the trailer the game had the heightened graphics present in Special Edition.
For me, a trailer, where the game could have been video playback or even superimposed in post-production does not get my hopes up. Combine that with the fact that the developers/publishers are non-commital, and lets just say, I'll believe it when I see the title for sale on store shelves. :)