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Oct 23, 2017
The kickstand that comes with the Nintendo Switch and is built into it, in my opinion isn't very good. I've had it fall of multiple times and when using it as a kickstand it's pretty weak and you can barely touch the Switch with it set up with the kickstand out without it falling over. That's why I've decided to buy a different kickstand for it. Any suggestions on a good alternative kickstand that is sturdier and works better? I have Amazon Prime and was looking around for a kickstand on there, and it seems like most of them are built into cases that attach to the Switch, and I'm fine with a case with the kickstand built into it, but would prefer an easy removal for tv mode/docked mode.
The maximum I will spend is $30 USD and I have Amazon Prime. I've seen a few that look good from the photos on Amazon, but I'm not sure if there actually sturdier or not. That's why I'm asking for some suggestions from experience with using one or more of them. Any suggestions for a decent different kickstand then the one that is built into the Switch?
HORI Compact Playstand

i saw this on a "cool Switch accessory" article. Im not endorsing or suggesting, just saying maybe check it out. It looks pretty cool and was around 12$ on Amazon.
@dustinb12 Which Kickstand was that? Was it called cool Switch accessory? If not, can you send a link or it's name so I can locate it online.
HORI Compact Playstand . It was on a article about Switch accessories. It is available on Amazon for sure. Im in the market for goodies myself. Hope this helps!
I was looking for a good one too, but maybe something that could be built in to the switch? Preferably something that won't void the warranty xD Maybe they will make a better one if they come out with a new switch model?
@miles854 Whatever you do, make sure that you don't purchase anything that is not made directly by Nintendo that plugs into the USB-C on the bottom. Nintendo has issued statements that 3rd party docks and chargers are NOT tested by Nintendo themselves. They've had to do this because too many Switches have had to be repaired because of 3rd party docks and chargers ruining the unit. If it's some type of stand that just engolfs the Switch, that's a different story and should be safe as long as it doesn't plug into the USB-C.

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