Bloodborne and Xenoblade X


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Mar 25, 2016
I've been hearing strange comparisons of Bloodborne to Xenoblade X and people saying Bloodborne is better. What do you think?
They are two totally different games. No point in comparing them at all. They offer different experiences. If you want a open world complex exploration JRPG you go XCX. If you want a Action Horror Atmospheric JRPG you can play Souls or Bloodborne. It's all up to personal taste which one you may enjoy more. I like XCX more as it appeals to me more as a game. I love the setting and atmosphere of BB but the gameplay itself is not for me.

(if anyone tried to jump on me for saying BB is a JRPG because not turn based. Got news for you. Japanese Developed RPGs began as Action based in Dragon Slayer and Ys and Xanadu,first western RPGs began as turn based in Ultima. Developed by Japanese company so it is JRPG)
For what it's worth, if it's even worth anything, I'll let you guys know which game I like best if I decide to buy a PS4 and play Bloodborne. I just started Xenoblade X and posted my thoughts in another thread.
You would be amazed how many people play XCX wrong because the game does not explain itself very well but once you get down all the mechanics it's absolute bliss. I dumped 700 hours into it.
^ To be overly blunt, I think the people playing it wrong are just newbs who don't play JRPGs or Xenoblade. If I can make it through a half-broken game like Final Fantasy XIII, I can make it through an (in my opinion pretty enjoyable) game like this.

I won't put 700 hours into it though. Maybe 200.

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