Boogerman 20th Anniversary: The Video Game


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Sep 25, 2013
Wii U

Boogerman: A Pick and Flick Adventure - 20th Anniversary

Release Date: November 2014

Developer / Publisher: Toy Ghost LLC

Platforms: PC, Mac, PS4, Vita, Wii U

(3DS and XO may be possible too. They said that if enough requests are made, they will make a 3DS version. As for the new Xbox, they said that Microsoft hasn't allowed them to develop for them yet. So they are waiting for Microsoft to approve them, which they also said may not happen until sometime next year, if at all. So it may, or may not, see an Xbox release. As of right now, it's not.)



It’s a dark and stormy night at Professor Stinkbaum’s lab where a machine has been built to save the world by trans-existing all pollution to a far-away location in time and space dubbed Dimension X-Crement.

Eccentric millionaire Snotty Ragsdale has taken a job at the lab to investigate its safety and to find out exactly where the pollution is going. He has a bad feeling about Professor Stinkbaum’s latest contraption.

This night his suspicions will come true...

Join Boogerman on his journey to uncover the mysteries and evil that lurk within Dimension X-Crement!


Playing as Boogerman, it's up to you and your bodily functions to explore Dimension X-Crement, take on Booger Meister, his evil Henchmen (and woman), and his army of hideous creatures, including the Nose Goblins.

The game is broken up into 6 different worlds:

  • The Flatulent Swamps - Watch your step in this gassy bog. Word is, Hickboy does not take well to trespassin'. The signs read "Dayngur!" for a reason.
  • Boogerville - Voted Dimension X-Crement's number one place to live... If you're a Nose Goblin that is.
  • The Pits - I swear this place looks like the insides of some massive, disgusting creature.
  • Mucous Mountains - Look out for Butt-heads. The hills are alive, but snot with the sound of music.
  • The Nasal Caverns - Beware of post nasal drip. What exactly ARE they mining down there?
  • Pus Palace - The home of Booger Meister, Pus Palace is... well, Pus Palace is friggin' gross. Think about it.

Each world consists of 3 levels, plus 2 sewer "bonus" areas. In addition, each world contains it's own boss level, for a total of 18 full levels, 36 bonus areas, and 6 bosses.

Boogerman 20th Anniversary will feature the core mechanics from the original game, including:

  • Platforming - Sprint, Run, Jump, Slide, and Glide your way across the disgusting landscapes.
  • Gas Powered Attacks - It wouldn't be a Boogerman game without Burping and Farting!
  • Mucous Powered Attacks - Snot and Mucous make a triumphant return to Boogerman 20th Anniversary!
  • Power Ups - Milk Bottles and Chili Peppers are back to enhance your abilities!

The game will also include entirely new game mechanics and gadgets such as:

  • The Snot Whip
  • S.s.S.B.D Fart-copter
  • Swimming
  • Sliding
  • Wall Jumping
  • Mine-carting and more!

Other new elements include:

  • An Overhead Map - Get the lay of the land from the expansive overhead map. Linear world progression is a thing of the past in Boogerman 20th Anniversary.
  • New Collectable System - Multiple collectable types will now play a big part in how you unlock the levels and re-playability.
  • Dramatic Snotimal Rescue - Save the Snotimals, save the world.
  • An Expanded Story - Who IS Booger Meister and why is he so bent on taking over OUR world? Dive deeper into X-Crement than ever before!

Boogerman 20th Anniversary will be packed full of non-stop side-scrolling fun with brand new disgusting characters to meet and defeat!

We are incredibly happy to announce our brand new 2 player CO-OP MODE, starring EARTHWORM JIM! This brand new tier not only comes with the new co-op game mode featuring everyone’s favorite Annelid as a playable character, but also includes levels exclusive to this add-on! AND, we’ll even throw in a shiny new T-SHIRT featuring the dynamic duo in full glorious color! GROOVY!

This new $40.00 tier also comes with the digital soundtrack, forum access, the digital art book, a digital copy of the game AND a spot in the credits! This tier is also included in ANY pledge of $41 or more, going forward AND retroactively! GET SOME!

Earthworm Jim is back... well. only for some, it seems. Apparently, there is a "pledge requirement".

Here is a breakdown of all of the 'pledge requirements'.

  • $5 or more - Your name in the end credits of the game
  • $12 or more - **Limited Amount Available** (12 of 500 remaining) - You get an early digital copy of the game on your choice of platform, plus the $5 ' pledge reward'.
  • $15 or more - You get a digital copy (not early) of the game on your choice of platform, plus all previous non-limited 'pledge rewards'.
  • $25 or more - You get a digital art book, plus all previous non-limted 'pledge rewards'.
  • $30 or more - You get the digital soundtrack, plus all previous non-limited 'pledge rewards'.
  • $35 or more - You get access to the official Forums, where you can take polls and surveys (seriously), plus all previous non-limited 'pledge rewards'.
  • $40 or more - You get Co-op Mode, Earthworm Jim, Exclusive levels, and a t-shirt, plus all previous non-limited 'pledge rewards'.
  • $45 or more - You get 6 vinyl sticker, plus all previous non-limited 'pledge rewards'.
  • $50 or more - You get a physical CD copy of the soundtrack, plus all previous non-limited 'pledge rewards'.
  • $65 or more - You get a t-shirt, plus all previous non-limited 'pledge rewards'.
  • $75 or more - You get an embroidered Patch, plus all previous non-limited 'pledge rewards'.
  • $100 or more - You get a soft cover art book, plus all previous non-limited 'pledge rewards'.
  • $125 or more - You get an autographed hard cover art book, plus all previous non-limited 'pledge rewards', except for the $100 reward.
  • $250 or more - You get an Unpainted resin statue, plus all previous non-limited 'pledge rewards', except for the $100 reward.
  • $350 or more - You get a Painted resin statue, plus all previous non-limited 'pledge rewards', except for the $100 and $250 rewards.
  • $500 or more - **Limited Amount Available** (23 of 25 remaining) - You get your face put into the game, plus the $125 'pledge reward' package. (so no statue, painted or unpainted)
  • $750 or more - **Limted Amount Available** (100 of 100 remaining) - You get an original "one of a kind" drawing from the original animators, plus the $125 'pledge reward' package.
  • $1,000 or more - **Limited Amount Available** (3 of 5 remaining) - You get to design one of the enemies in the game, plus the $125 'pledge reward' package.
  • $2,500 or more - **Limited Amount Available** (3 of 5 remaining) - You get a green colored chrome Sega Genesis cartridge of the original game, with a 'protective' metal collector's box to go with it, plus the $125 'pledge reward' package.
  • $5,000 or more - **Limited Amount Available** (5 of 5 remaining) - You get a green colored chrome resin statue and a green colored chrome Sega Genesis cartridge of the original game, with a 'protective' metal collector's box to go with it.
  • $10,000 or more - **Limited Amount Available** (3 of 3 remaining) - You, and a friend, get invited to their "wrap party" when they finish the game, plus the $5,000 'pledge reward' package, plus 5 additional digital copies on your choice of platforms.

All "rewards" packages will be available to receive in November 2014, except for the Forums Access package, which starts in January 2014, and the Earthworm Jim package, which (unless this is a typo), says November 2015. I'm hoping that's a typo, otherwise, it'll be a full year after the game launches.

Either way, after going over these "pledge rewards', some of them are just outlandish. Some Kickstarter rewards systems seem reasonable and worthwhile. But others feel like they are being too greedy, or are being too stingy with the rewards, or making it so that people who want to back the game, can't. Either because the prices are too high, the rewards are too low for the price, or any combination there of, and/or any number of other possibilities.

I have never pledged anything to any kickstarter, nor will I ever. I don't think. I'll hope that certain games get funded, and will buy the games when they come out. But I don't bother with the pledging part before hand. I don't even like to pre-order anything either, to be honest.

As for this particular game's pledges.. let's see here..

The $12 and the $15 pledges should be reversed. I mean, those paying $12 are getting a better deal. They are paying less, and getting the game earlier. Something feels off about that. It should be the regular release is $12, and the early release is $15. Slightly more, but you get it early. That makes sense to me, and feels fair.

The $35 pledge to gain access to the forums feels ridiculous to me. You should be able to go to and sign up for the forums anyways. Not have to pay to get on them. That just seems ridiculous to me. However, if they are so dead set on making charging for access to the forums, then switch the $35 pledge with the $5. Make it so that the cheapest pledge of $5 is the forum access, while the $35 pledge gets your name in the credits. That feels more right than how they currently have it. Of course, again, forum access should just be a quick signup on their site, and that's all. Or, at the very least, be a $1 pledge to the game, if anything.

The $40 I'm curious about the 'availability' It says that this should be available a full year after everything else. Making me think that the game will release without these characters, and then, a full year later, an update will be available for those who paid for this. Surely, they aren't going to make people wait a full year to get the game, when everybody gets it. That would be beyond ridiculous right there.

The $45 pledge, to get 6 vinyl stickers. Why is this so high. You'd think that the sticker package would be below the soundtrack or artbook packages, at the very least. Seems silly to me to have it at this place. Unless they are some really, really huge stickers. Like, as big, or bigger, than the "fat head" stickers that you see on tv commercials. Maybe that's what they are. I'm not sure. It doesn't say the size of the stickers.

The $75 pledge also makes me wonder why the embroidered patch costs you more than the t-shirt does. That, and the prices for these pledges already feel like they are getting out of whack, and are getting too high for no reason.

The $100 and $125 pledge packages, I get why they are separate. However, I know some people are sticklers for hard covers, while other people are sticklers for soft covers. And some just don't care either way, while others would want both. Also, at the same time, I'm sure some people would of preferred an autographed soft cover over an autographed hard cover. So, I think that they could of made some more options concerning these two items. Maybe a "your choice of soft or hard cover" option, or something. I don't know. Just, something.

The other pledges after those feel way to high for what you get. I mean, yeah, they have to make them, and not in bulk, and it's going to cost them, which is why they are passing the savings...err... cost, on to you. So I get why there's a high price on those. However, I don't know much about what it actually costs to make those, and or, how much they should go for. So maybe it's too high, maybe it's right on, or perhaps, maybe you're getting a good deal. I don't know. I'm guessing you aren't getting a great deal on it tho. I'm sure they are making out on it more than you are.

Also, I find it odd that the $5,000 pledge package doesn't come with the "previous pledge rewards" like the other pledge rewards offer. Does that mean if you pay them $5,000, you don't get the game or artbook or cd or stickers, etc.etc.. or anything else. You only get the genesis game and statue?? Doesn't seem worth it if you don't atleast get some of the previous pledge items, if not all of them. I mean, that's a lot of money to spend to not get anything else.

Speaking of a lot of money, $10,000 is a lot of money to go to a party. I mean, you do get everything from the $5,000 pledge. so that's cool. However, that means that it's costing you another $5,000 for 5 more copies of the game (which is only going to be $14.99 each. So, a total of $74.95 total for all 5 copies of the game.). Meaning, you're paying $5,000 for that package, plus another $75 for a few more copies of the game, plus another $4925 for you to go and meet the people who made the game. Of course, I'm not sure who else will be at the party. Like, what other celebrities (if any), will be there. And things like that. Maybe it's worth it. Maybe not. I don't know. Still seems a bit high. Then again, they probably don't want just any "poor slum" into their party. However, not everybody has $10,000 either. Seems that this "pledge package" should of been a prize of some kind instead of a pledge. I mean, who pays this kind of money to go to a party. Regardless of who is there. Seriously. Clearly, the vast majority of the fan base won't be able to afford to go to this. Plus, if a bunch of people pulled their money together just to afford it, then only 2 can still go. As it's just for you and a friend. Also, there are 3 of those "prizes" available. Meaning that they will end up getting $30,000 if all 3 get sold. That sounds like they want you to fund their party, to be honest. Yeah... count me out.

Again, I don't pledge money to kickstarters. Some seem reasonable. Others don't. Either way, I can do without all of the "extra" stuff. Even if a lot of it seems overpriced. But then, even if I was a millionaire, or had the money to spend, I still wouldn't put money down on things like that $10,000 party, or anything else that just seems too ridiculous. Not worth it, in the end. In fact, some would say that it's not worth it to be begin with. Take your pick.