BOSS Shift from Ganon to Demise. Skyward Sword and Beyond


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Jan 21, 2015
Nintendo 64
And all of his stories, do you think the future Zeldas can hold up? Personally, the only time Demise was any hard is when he was super racing up the slope at the one re-sealing ceremony. The other times it's pretty cut-and-dry, and easy to figure out. And Ghirahim I expected more out of. But on Hero mode these actually become a twinge of a challenge... I couldn't help but wonder if Ganon would have been harder. But it was for the plot line, I guess. Demise had some cool features in his fight too, the dodge and strike motions. Overall, I think they should stick to emulated control. Gives you a lot more of an "In-depth" feeling.

Any comments? Questions? Concerns? It seems the be phasing out Ganon in my opinion but this isn't necessarily a bad thing, if they get it done right.
i do have a lot to say of Skyward Sword: the Imprisoned fights drove me bananas, Ghirahim was a good challenge (loved his character), but the fight with Demise was fantastic. i hated the motion controls until that point, they really got Demise right.

the problem with the whole of the story is similar to Star Wars: the more you add and make previous characters more evil and stronger, the weaker Vader/Gannondorf becomes. And like Star Wars, they leave the story open where it can go on infinitely before and after. I'd like to see more of the Imprisoning war in a game, also more story to bridge the gap between Gannon and Demise

All in all, SS was a chore to me, great story but the motion controls rammed down my throat made the game long. its a love hate for me.

Concern? Why the hey is Demise NOT in Hyrule Warriors???
That is true, never thought to ask why Demise wasn't included in Hyrule Warriors. Good point.

I thought the motion controls made it fun and made you get "into" the game. Sometimes they were wonky, but more often than not the only gripe I had with it was FI saying, "Master, your WII batteries are running low!"

Game ate batteries like nobodys business. I too would like to see Ganon get more back cover with the Demise gap.
I really liked Fi, but the swimming and rope-walking motion control stuff really gave me fits. maybe cuz I'm left handed?
I'm left handed, so I see where you're coming from. It was indeed harder to get used to using my non-dominant hand. Luckily with the WII you still had the option of switching back and forth, holding in either hand (you could even invert controls in menus too, if that was your thing)

The swimming didn't bother me much, to be honest. It was as intuitive as flying your bird; no less. The rope controls I hated, though. My good god, one false move (even leaning the right way) down you went. Then up. Then down. I just took most ropes head-on in a sprint to see how fast I could cross them. Most of the time the "Wobble" on the rope didn't start to halfway to two-thirds down the rope.

I can see some might be put off by having to readjust, but I feel each Zelda game should be innovative - like the switch from Ganon to Demise. They're trying to evolve as an RPG too; not just be the same stuff we've played since the NES. Gotta give them Kudos for sticking with Nintendo and becoming a life-franchised game.

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