Bought a XBox One Elite


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Mar 25, 2016
I bought a XBox One Elite for $350 with free extra controller and boy, am I pretty happy with it. I feel that the SSHD (Solid State Hard Drive) does make a difference over a standard XBox One drive. And the included Elite controller is a great novelty. In fact, I even prefer a comfortable controller with removable buttons like the XBox One Elite controller as a novelty over a large Gamepad with a screen. No offense though.

Now excuse me while I play Just Cause 3.
Here in the UK we can pick up a standard Xbox ONE for around $250 in some shops, so would you say that the Xbox ONE Elite is worth the extra $100 that you paid? $350 isn't a lot to pay for a games console as powerful as the Xbox ONE anyway in my opinion, but if you can get a standard one for $100 less then I would imagine people are going to want a very good reason to pay the extra $100 more.
You raise a great point for conversation. I forgot to mention I also got Forza Horizon 2 for free with it. But the lower cost XBox One, which is actually $280 here in the US, also includes a game. And I do honestly feel it's worth the extra $70. I'll even give an example. The standard XBox One is only 500GB, half the space of the Elite, and Halo 5 takes up a whopping 85GB with patches. The Elite controller is great, and so is the hard drive great.

So pwarbi, I can honestly say without telling you a lie or misleading you, that it is worth the extra $70.
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Sounds as if you got yourself a good deal there then @Shane as a lot of people as well as looking at the price, will look at what games the console comes with also. What I've found over here is that we very rarely get games bundled with a console that people actually want and if we do we're paying almost the same price as buying the console and game separate so it makes little difference.

I know that isn't the fault of the console or even the game manufacturers but more to do with the stores and them trying to get rid of surplus stock, but that's just another reason to make sure you shop around before deciding where to buy your consoles and games from as you do find a wide range of deals and some are a lot more attractive than others.
Just make sure it doesn't come alive like R.O.B. the robot in the 100th AVGN episode. lol

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