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Dec 23, 2013
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what's the deal with Bravely Default? is it good? I've been in the mood for a good rpg, and it looks awesome. i've been tempted to go back and check out some old Dragon Quest DS titles, but this looks cool
Apparently there is a lot of backtracking involved and fetching, but on the other hand the parts that aren't repetitive are really quite nice in nature. It also has some rather interesting social features, but then again Nintendo has always been good about social interaction in concert with their mobile systems. While I like RPGs I think I'll be skipping this particular title.
I've heard it's fantastic from all my friends. I've heard that WAAAAY later there is some plot mandated back tracking but it's really not that bad from what I've been told.
I am loving it. There are so many jobs, and you get them by following quests that are generally interesting and fun, rather than just a bunch dropping with every crystal like in past Final Fantasies that used a similar system. I kinda made the game extra easy by adding a bunch of friends on the internet, now I have friend attacks with like, 200,000 power that I can bust out on bosses and be done with them. Takes some of the challenge but feels oddly satisfying.
good to hear from someone who has it. i actually am speeding up on my backlog so i can get this and give it full attention. i just want something different and this looks cool. i need to branch out from Mario and Zelda for a little while
I have heard nothing but great things about this video game and I played the demo to death, maxing out all the job classes. The artstyle reminds brings me back to all the excellent Matsuno games I played in the 90s, such as Final Fantasy Tactics and Vagrant Story. I don't know when I'll get to play the game but I'm really looking forward to it!
had my heart set on this after i finish ALBW, but Mario Golf will definitely be throwing a wrench into this plan. i don't like to take on too many at a time
I have not played it myself, but I've heard many great things about it. A lot of people praise the battle system as well. I plan to pick this up for myself in the near future and you probably should as well, especially if you are an RPG fan!
I've heard so many good things about this game, and I'm sad that it isn't available for any other consoles because I don't have a 3DS.
Since it's made by Square Enix (makers of Final Fantasy), I suppose it's probably an awesome game!
i got it for my birthday, along with Mario Golf and i haven't even opened it yet. Shame on me, but I'm trying to finish Dragon Quest VI first, and golf is eating my every waking moment (see: Mario Golf)
I beat the game and demo a few weeks and must say I haven't play a Final fantasy RPG this good since Final fantasy 6. Anyone loves JRPG will really love this game.

Between the awesome music, great battle gameplay with the default system and the great story (though annoying at the end.) this is a must own 3DS game.
A bunch of people have been comparing it to Animal Crossing and Final Fantasy for some reason, and putting it down because of that, but I really don't see the relation. It's it's own game, and it shouldn't be compared to other games.
ok im 20 hours in and i'll start with the con:

it has a lot of dialogue. a lot. no big deal, this is an rpg

now for the infinite pros:

many weapons/spells/items/jobs/abilities. the customization is endless, and addicting. Don't like the speed of the dialogue or the fights, change it. don't feel like grinding, set the fight chances to 0%. wanna grind, set it to 100+ %. wanna have a weapon in each hand? no problem. you get the picture

the game is very well paced, i only died on a few big boss fights. there are many save points so i didn't have to sweat in the dungeons. choosing weapons/jobs is not a chore, and is very fun and makes you use strategic thinking. the music reminds me of Disney's Brave. it has a Celtic/Irish vibe, very good. Just be warned for the kiddies, character Ringabel is quite the playboy and goes on and on about females.

All in all, I'm coming off of Dragon Quest 6, and i must say this blows DQ out of the water. not over saturated with characters so you feel more involved in the story. if you are a DQ or traditional rpg fan, this is definitely your game
update: i guess this would be a kind of review, but i finally finished. 165 hours in, I was satisfied and went for it. In closing, I will call this the Perfect rpg. The story was sparkling, the main 4 characters complimented each other as well as the gang from the original Star Wars. Strategy involved was super deep. On to Fantasy Life

A+, 100/100 if you like the turn based rpg
I think we have the large store display poster for this game....shows some sort of weepy-faced young girl/pixie, or?
Airy if she has wings. Agnes if she's brunette. Probably her if she's weepy. Airy the Fairy. Knowm sayin?

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