Breath of the Wild update problems


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May 3, 2017
Nintendo 64
Has anybody else had problems with downloading the game's latest update? When I look at the icon on the HOME page, what I think is the progress bar just has a flashing X on it, and it won't let me play the game. :(
Have you checked your internet connection status? All is working fine on mine, and i had no issues with the update itself from my end, However, it may be that the download for the update got interrupted, so just needs restarting. If you go into the downloads section via the settings menu on the switch itself, it should have a button that lets you restart any paused downloads. (never had to do it on the switch yet, but that's how it worked on the WiiU, so admittedly I'm guessing it'll be the same) but certainly that's what I'd be trying first.

Hopefully that will work, but if after doing that you find you still have issues, get back to me, as there may still be other things you can try. But see how you get on with that one first, and we'll take it from there.
is the game cartridge or downloaded, if its cartridge remove the cartridge from the system and put it back in, if its download you might be explaining what happened to me with the 1.1.2 update for mine, i had to call nintendo and it turned out my switch lost connection to the internet while downloading the update and currupted the game, i had to remove the game and redownload it i lost my save file doing this and had to start the game over. there may be way to do this without deleting the game you may be able to archive it. not sure.
I actually found the answer the following day on the official support site; I just needed to reupload the software, and everything was fine.
yuscare i think he meant re download the software theres no way to upload on the switch