Bricked 3ds xl (old)


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I'm new here and I'm having issues with a old version Nintendo 3ds xl. I purchased this console online from amazon used. Initially the console turned on just fine then I was prompted to update the firmware. Unaware that this console was modded I proceeded to download the update.

I was getting the error message "An old unsupported NAND has been detected. Luma3DS is unable to boot it." Not doing my research I just popped the SD card into my computer and Formatted the SD card. WITHOUT backing up anything. It's now a blank SD card. I looked at a few guides on how to fix a soft brick but all of them mention dragging and dropping updated boot files onto the SD card.

Unfortunately for me, I had already formatted the SD card and now the blue LED light blinks once and shuts the system off. I'm looking for a step by step guide or something to help fix this issue. I'm not sure if this is the right spot to post but I am hopeful someone has the answer I'm looking for.


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