Broken Nintendo DSi


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Jan 23, 2014
Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovina
Hey there,

I have a nDSi and it's broken now.
I bought it after I gave away my old DS to a child in the neighborhood. It was used when I bought it, but it worked without issues.
After a while it wouldn't turn on. I opened the case and noticed that a small plastic connector on the motherboard was broken:


That blue one

It literally fell apart as soon as I touched it.

Do I have to buy the whole motherboard, or is there a way to fix this without making that purchase?
Also: Is there a way to fix it without the plastic connector?
If you are comfortable enough you could probably solder it back on. Aside from that I am not sure how else you could fix it. If there is a local repair shop, or video game store they may be able to fix it for you.
I thought about it, but wasn't really sure if it's safe...

I guess I'll try. I don't know about any repair shops nearby, so that'll be my only option. :unsure:
You can't solder plastic. Was there any tracing or metal pins underneath it?
I gave it to my friend. He has good equpiment and much experience, so I believe he can fix it.

I don't remember if there were any metal pins. I don't believe there were.
The connector was soldered onto the motherboard, so I guess there has to be some kind of power-conducting contact...
This is one reason why I never buy used consoles. You just never know what's going to happen. Used games are fine because they're less likely to die on you in the way a console might.
Yeah I never buy used consoles as well. Plus I just like having it really really new. Used games are fine because if they usually don't work, I can get them returned or I can get it refunded at least.