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Jan 23, 2016
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Hi, I have mentioned in the sonic adventure 2 review that I was going to review a video game series that had 4 games and the main character is annoying since the early 90's. Well, here he is, Bubsy Bobcat.

He is the lovable (not) and funny (annoying) bobcat that was a smash hit (never was) in video game history.
Now, let's talk about the first game this unholy spawn of satan was born in. Bubsy: Claws of Encounter

The thing you know about this game first up is a hybrid. Bubsy has the speed of Sonic while the levels are designed to look like Mario. Now let me say how this turned out, it was bad. I mean Sonic was built to be less focused on platforming and Mario was less focused on speed, Bubsy went into that line that doesn't mix very well.

When you are running, you build up ridiculous speed that seems even faster than sonic, but here is the thing, Bubsy dies in one hit. I am not joking, his body is so frail, that he dies in one hit (sigh) just the best game ever... Since he runs so damn fast, he can easily run into enemies and die, so what the hell was the point of putting super speed when it will just put the player at more risk?

About the mario jumping platforming, it is just horrible, it just interrupts the flow of the gameplay and surviving is just impossible. The camera is so squished in on Bubsy and I cannot tell if there is an enemy above me and my adventure is bound to end. Also, there is FALLING DAMAGE in this game.

Overall, the hit detection is too wide, the physics are weird and floaty, and just almost inconsistent things will kill Bubsy. You know those Gumball machines? Yeah, they just kill you in one shot, so does water. Now let me tell you one thing, if you touch even the shallowest pool, Bubsy drowns, but why not just give the players a chance to climb out of the damn water and not just die automatically?

I give it a review score of 4.1/10. It is such an unenjoyable game if it is filled with deathtraps.

Welp, that is the end of the review for Bubsy 1. Now time to look at Bubsy 2.


Here, it is taking place after the events of Bubsy 1 obviously. But why is Bubsy in a dystopian frozen time setting? Did something happen between the two games? Oh, the cartoon, sigh.

Well, anyway, the graphics improved for Bubsy and Bubsy finally has a health meter. The game has an overworld of levels you can choose from similarly to Kirby's Adventure.

The game however doesn't seem to have improved one bit aside from better graphics and Health meter. It still has the problem of imprecise physics and weird hit detection and the level designs have become confusing. The levels usually get me lost and I usually say where the hell do I go? In between levels, there are pointless minigames that interrupt the gameplay and the minigames are just too boring and hard to play.

I give Bubsy 2 a score of 4.3/10, yup, not much improvement.

Let's move onto Bubsy: Fractured Furry Tales, the third game in the series.

Now let me ask you one thing, who the hell even owned an Atari Jaguar?.......nobody. The creators were stupid enough to just move onto a console that wasn't even popular.

This game devolved from Bubsy 2 as he is back to no health meter and he dies in one hit... again! The graphics are blurry and the sound is mediocre. The people who made this game just don't even know what the hell they were even doing.

I give Bubsy: Fractured Furry Tales a score of 3.2/10, it is just a devolved mess with worsened problems.

Now here is the 4th and final game of the Bubsy Franchise, Bubsy 3D: The Furbitten Planet

The game is absolutely miserable and boring. The first thing that you see that will suck is the graphics, it is extremely low in quality and they are not even textured and the shapes are just simple polygons, that's it. Bubsy is probably the best looking model, who runs only at 5 frames per second.

Jumping is bad also as the camera seems to pan down onto you when you jump. I am guessing that this is to help you see where you land, but it is more of a burden than pro factor. The way you control Bubsy is very awkward and limiting, he can only run in a straight line and if you want to move left, you have to painstakingly rotate Bubsy slowly until you face the direction you want him to be in.

The main goal of the game is just to collect atoms to complete the level, that is it. Nothing exciting, just collecting atoms. Even collecting the atoms is miserable since the hit detection is so precise that you actually need to walk into the middle of them. Even when you barely touch the atom, you cannot collect it until you go straight into it. Now come on, in Super Mario 64, you could collect coins even when you barely touch them.

About Bubsy, he never shuts up in the game and constantly babbles like saying "What would a platformer game be without platforms?" He even says "Aren't these game designers wonderful?" No Bubsy, absolutely no.

And geez, look at the Box art, it says Gold X award, one of the sleeper hits of platforming gaming. Just who would even think this is good at all? The people who made this consider it a good game.

I give Bubsy 3D a score of 1.1/10, it is completely garbage.

After the titanic failure of Bubsy 3D, Accolade (Bubsy's company) went out of business. Bubsy's Creator, Michael Berlyn was considered as the biggest idiot in gaming industry. He says that he had no experience in 3d gaming, so he decided that Bubsy will be the first 3d platformer to be revolutionary in the gaming industry. But Super Mario 64 came out and Berlyn decided to release Bubsy 3d 4 months later after Super Mario 64, predicting that it will be a complete failure. However, when he saw the negative reception of Bubsy 3d, he blamed Nintendo for Super Mario 64 coming out before him. THAT CLAIM IS SO ABSURD THAT GOD WOULD EVEN FACEPALM AND JUST BANISH MICHAEL TO HELL FOREVER.

Thank god Bubsy is gone, if he were to come back to games, I am pretty sure this is what it would look like.

[Bubsy]: What could Possibly go wrong?
[Jack]: Everything you were in Bubsy.
Thanks for reviewing these games! I'm pretty sure I've played a couple of Bubsy games either on Genesis or SNES.
Your Welcome. So what do you think of Michael's blaming on Nintendo for Super Mario 64 to come out earlier than Bubsy? He just sat back and delayed Bubsy 3d to grin at how Super Mario 64 was going to fail badly, but it didn't.

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