Buying refurbished or used Nintendo Wii console


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Jan 23, 2014
Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovina
Hey there,

I'm thinking about buying a Nintendo Wii console from ebay or amazon.
I would go with a used or refurbished one, so I'd like your opinions on that.

Should I buy it, or should I wait for the price of a new console to drop a little, and then buy a new one?
I don't know I think if you are considering the wii, you should wait for the price drop on the Wii U. I mean it probably won't be that long until there is a price drop. Though that's all up to you.
I want to buy the Wii right now, maybe sometime later I'll buy a WiiU :)
I know it's risky to buy used consoles, but I found several cheap ones on Amazon UK and on gamestop.
I usually buy from any business on Amazon that says "fulfillment by amazon" they are usually good for their products and you can get items that look brand new for lower prices. They usually end up costing a bit more than buying from others selling one for used though so it is up to you. It can be a gamble.

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