Camp out or pre-order?

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Oct 21, 2012
Are any of you planning on camping out on the release date in order to get one, or will you be taking the boring "pre-order" approach and waiting for it to be delivered to you?
I think pre-ordering is the way to go but that's because I'm in my 30's and still like to play and don't really want to tell the world that! I once stood in line for 16 hours to see the first screening of "return of the jedi" and was flanked by about a dozen young kids who asked "how much longer" about a half million times, each.

My TV is ready to connect, my schedule is clear, I can't wait!
Definitely going to pre-order. I'm not in any hurry. No thank you on the standing in line stuff. That sounds really exciting and probably is I'm sure. But getting it delivered sounds a lot more appealing.
Pre-order. I'm sorry, but I have a life and have better things to do than sit and wait on something. I don't like traffic, or lines. Heck, if there's long lines at any store I just walk out as soon as I walk in. I will pre-order and wait for it that way. Either way you're going to wait. Why not do other things with your time?
Wait a few months and see how it actually is. I won't be able to spend that kind of money on a gamble, and this is a huge gamble in terms of Nintendo and gaming in general. I will need to see the Wii U perform before I consider actually buying it.
The WiiU itself is probably a good platform. For me it is the library that will get me to purchase one of these. I hope it eventually gets a large stock of good games!
I don't do either of these for games anymore. I might have considered this back when I was younger like in my 20's. But now, I'm a little more frugal about how I spend my time. And I never really cared about having the new system first.

If I decide to get the Wii U, I'll get it eventually. No rush needed.
I'm the same. I really don't care about getting a system early especially if I don't have much money. But ZombiU is so enticing. If I don't get it before more content floods the internet I'll end up spoiling myself. I can live with being spoiled. But seeing everything in a game before playing it just makes it a little less fun.

I wish this game had like a world randomization feature, but that wouldn't be a good idea given the fact that when you die, you start as a fresh survivor, and you actually have to track down the zombie of your previous character and get your stuff back.
C'mon Pigeon, admit it, you are going to run out, stand in line, and buy it aren't you. :p

I think cold temperatures might put a damper on it a little but I bet the live stream will be very cool.
Well if I knew financially that I know maybe I would. But the little money I have I'm saving up for other people's Christmas presents so no luck for me.
For me I pre-ordered it, in order to get the new Super smash Bros game when it comes out. I'd say to avoid possible violence or possible danger, don't camp. I've heard of bad things happening. But the choice is up to you.

As for the price, yes there 2 version for the system.

$300 For the basic version, just comes with System, Controller and the HDMI cable, along with the ADC Adaptor.

$350-premium Version, It's black and comes with everything for the Basic version, along with Game stand, Game Charger, A subscription from the Nintendo e-shop for gives 10% purchase discount for a whole year; according to Gamestop, you get the game Nintendo Land as well.
I know this is a bit outdated, but my answer would be the same regardless....

I never camp out for new releases. I would rather wait until the hype goes down and then be able to walk into a store and buy one. Or better yet, I like to be able to buy it online.
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