Can leaving an N64 on overnight cause damage the console?


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Feb 1, 2021
Nintendo 64
Just want quick assurance, I recently purchased an N64. After gaming, I forgot to turn the console off and left it on overnight while sleeping. Can this cause any harm or damage to the console? I surely won't make this mistake again lol. Cheers! (I'm fairly new to older consoles.)
i have no evidence one way or the other, but we used to leave the NES on for a night. But this was 30 years ago. I guess if it still works you're good. My only concern would be if it overheated.
I can't see how leaving it on can.
Like, it wouldn't overheat whilst your playing it so why would it whilst you was sleeping.
Just like leaving your TV on I guess
Momma always taught me to never leave big time electronics on over night.😅
You want the life of your console to be extended as long as possible.
Plus, anything could happen, like , an electrical short.
Nah, leaving an N64 on overnight is fine... When the console first came out, my flatmate and I used to leave ours on overnight all the time. We'd end up passing out drunk, while playing GoldenEye, wake up 8 hours later with it still running and just continue where we left off.

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