Can the Nintendo Switch Be Most Innovative Gaming Console Ever Made?


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Jan 18, 2017
My thought process was kicked off by reading this article:

While we don't know if the console is going to be worth the money or if 'innovative' is going to solve it, we have to have a discussion about whether Nintendo is the only real console that's trying to do something different.

They might be killing it commercially but they do seem to be attempting to pave the way for a new kind of console. What are your thoughts?

Can it be an innovative step forward and still end up crumpling commercially?
Too soon to tell how it will do commercially. I think as soon as we get real sales numbers though and a bunch of sales data, we will be pleasantly surprised.

The whole reception of this console is weird, in fact. Meaning that many of the people complaining about it, are also buying one.
That's absolutely true. The amount of hate that's circulated on the Facebook groups is a little unprecedented. Especially from the most hardcore fans.
It's a very inovative console, a hybrid system which is progressive in design.