Candy Crush Saga addiction

Professor E. Gadd

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Oct 15, 2012
Wii U
I usually ignore Facebook games. As soon as a new Facebook gaming fad comes out, I block all friend notifications for the entire app and pretty much never see it again. But I let my guard down with Candy Crush. I figured a few levels wouldn't hurt and just got sucked in like a noob. I could tell that the game is unfair, relies too much on luck, and is designed to rob you blind on DLC (which is not even "content"), but I kept going and am hovering around level 85 right now.

I still haven't paid for any extra stuff in the game and am not planning to. Haven't decided if I should uninstall the stupid thing or just play it every once in a while. I have to say that beating your friends' high scores is pretty addicting. That's probably what got me hooked.
I wasn't able to play this game at first because the phone I had wasn't able to download it, but when I updated my phone I downloaded the game and have been hooked ever since. It really is addicting I'm at level 461 and I do find it more fun when you do it without actually paying for extra stuff in the game also I think it takes away from the fun.

I've also been playing that new Owl version they did its pretty addicting too, but the owl falling gets to me especially when I am about to win and I end up losing because he falls down.
I played CCS for about 10 days. Not an addiction, more like a way to pass time at work or in the toilette :D

It's a fun brain-teaser, but I hate how the game is making some levels impossible to beat just so weak-minded people will go ahead and pay for power-ups etc. in order to finish.

No thanks, uninstalled it after 10 days of playing and reaching the point where you have to beg people to give you a ride to the next level -.-
Blegh, I can't stand it. If I wanted to play that I could just play bejeweled. Atleast that doesn't have micro transactions.

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