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Thomas Ennis

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Jun 24, 2013
Super NES
Though I have had this game downloaded on my PS3 for a while, I just started playing it. I have to say, this game brings back the extremely challenging elements found in Castlevania's past. Everytime I die in a cheap way, of get hit because my character goes up or down the stairs, I get that good old feeling of game rage. There are 2 modes in the game, both of which are hard, but the original mode is much harder.

One thing that I didn't like about the game was the inability to whip in all 8 directions. I don't understand why all the Castlevania games after part 4 didn't implement this feature. Sure the game may be harder without it, but I don't think old features should ever be taken away. All in all, it's a great game, though it will make you swear.
Wow, I didn't even know this game existed. I probably won't download it though, I have been playing through all the originals lately, and I'm a bit sick of castlevania. I'm playing Paper mario now, a little bit different ;)
8-way whip action makes for some sloppy Castlevania. The precision of the 1-way whip was a big part of what made Castlevania gameplay so beautiful.
It's a pretty awesome remake with new elements. 8-way whipping made the game too easy..
The 8 direction whip is also more believable, however.

When you see someone use a whip in action, they're not just striking it forward. If they're talented they can go in any direction they very well, please. I THINK, it's just a thought, the reason why they didn't have it with all the Belmont's afterward is to show that all of them aren't a master of the weapon.

As far as I know, only Simon had that ability, which in the end, ended up being many fans favorite of the Belmonts SINCE he could do all 8 directions. The only way you can get that to happen now is if you have a 3D game, since it's not going to be on a flat plain and you're going to have no choice, but to get whip all about you, if surrounded.
I've got the original Japanese import of Castlevania Chronicles for the PS1, beautiful cover art by the way. :)

It actually contains the original version of Castlevania for the Sharp X68000 computer which was only available on Japan. This game preceded the release of Super Castlevania on the SNES. Therefore it's not strange that it doesn't utilize the 8-directional whip. However, I do prefer the single direction whip because it forces the player to be more accurate. It's definitely an old school, hardcore experience but I would recommend it to anyone interested in one of the better Castlevania experiences.
I have a hard time with the straightforward Castlevania genre. I played the classics and I didn't enjoy them that much. For me, the best Castlevanias are the ones revolving around the RPG theme. That's the reason why I enjoy the new games tagged as "Metroidvania", like the PC game Rogue Legacy. But yeah, I have a hard time with the classic genre. Maybe because it the movement and combat in general feels weird.

Or maybe it's just a taste thing.

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