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Mar 26, 2013
Hey everyone. As many of you with old game systems know, we have been living in times when battery backups have been failing left and right. As the proud owner of an original gold cartidge Legend of Zelda, I have recently discovered that this has happened to me. I am aware that it's possible to replace the batteries though I know nothing about it and have never attempted it on my own. There are tutorials out there but I was hoping ot talk to someone who really knows something about what they're doing. It's one thing to follow directions, it's another to really know the process so you avoid common newbie mistakes.

Has anyone ever done this? Will you share anything you know about the process?
I haven't, yet but I read a tutorial that there's a way to change them without soldering needed and with the use of electrical tape. I'll see if I can find the info on how to do this and post it for you. However, I myself don't have any first-hand experience doing this but may need to in the future...
Battery backup was so revolutionary when it first started showing up. It's sad to think of all those old carts now unable to record data to help Link defeat the 3rd dungeon. Thanks for the thought and I look forward to giving it a go once I'm properly educated on the procedure. I'm always amazed at how robust the old carts were and how all these years later they're still able to function with a little maintinence.
I know there is a lot of tutorials online on how to do this, though aI have never done it myself. Luckily, I find that technology from back in the day is not as fragile as it is now, so I'm sure you should have no problem replacing the battery if you find the tutorial.

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