Dreek Lass

Mar 12, 2013
I'm one of those gamers who doesn't like to use cheats, even if i know that I can just hop on the internet and find them. I prefer to be able to complete a game without any help, unless I'm really stuck.

Are you a gamer who lives for cheat, or do you enjoy the struggle lol?
I'm kinda like you. I first try to beat the game without cheats, but sometimes if the level is just too difficult, then I would look up some cheats to help me. Cheating right off the bat in my opinion just ruins the game. If I've beaten the game once, then I might consider trying to beat it with cheats though. It all depends on what kind of cheats I guess. Sometimes I would use like money hack only, just to save time instead of waiting to earn it slowly.
I struggle first. If I get really stuck, I would rather cheat than give up on the game entirely. I will only look for the first part of what I need to do to give me a general idea of what I'll have to do to get through that part. I won't go looking for more while I'm there.
I never use cheats for my first run of the game. I find that using cheats just spoil the experience and I am the one that ends up feeling cheated because I did not get my money's worth. I would often only check out the cheats, if ever I do use them, at my second run of the game when I am already familiar with everything and have nothing else left to discover in regards to the basic challenges. I mostly just use the cheats out of curiosity and I would just like to see what they actually do.

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