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Sandy Stokes

Jan 23, 2018
CELESTIAL! A community of Nintendo Gamers with a focus on friendly competition or co-op, through match making, competitions and events. EVERYTHING NINTENDO goes! From retro to pre-release, we cover it all. Make friends or frenemies and help us grow our community by joining us here:


Thanks! We'll see you in chat.
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Thanks @Sandy Stokes ! I'm not gonna join right now, but for everyone else who may want to, I can totally vouch for Discord. I use it for a mobile game that requires a lot of coordination and also instead of texting, I also use it to communicate with my brother. And regards the voice chat, I've used that as well and that also works great. I'll keep this in the back of my head and may join sometime. Thanks for setting it up!
Yeah even with our destiny community, we chose to use discord over Sony's messaging app and Bungie's messaging app. Not usually did we use the voice functions unless we needed more than 8 in the party, but they work great as well.
A lack of community building support from Nintendo makes Discord even more appealing to us Switch Owners. Especially for players who enjoy teaming up wile communicating over voice, or text. There are discord communities focused either on Nintendo in general, or communities focused on just the Nintendo Switch player base.
It may take time to catch on but I think a lot of Online Nintendo Switch Gamer's will eventually turn to a discord server. At least until Nintendo releases a killer messaging/voice app, and even then it will have to be better then Discord's services for a lot of people to prefer it over Discord.
That's my opinion anyway.

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