Chips, Energy Drinks and All Night Gaming with Friends


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Sep 26, 2015
Does anyone here do this once in awhile? I've down it a few times. but with the use of Pepsi and chips.
I do it all the time, also alone by myself. Dont go too much for the snacks haha

(also clean your controllers after the night, they will get sticky haha)
a few times with wii sports and Mario Kart Double Dash kept us up late many nights. Im not much of a drinker, but for some reason Corona goes well with wii sports bowling!
@dustinb12. You should live stream/ record your gameplays to YouTube & Twitch.
@GamerLeash aw, I'm WAY to shy for that! heehee. Ive been gaming for a very long time and its amazing to see where it has come though. This kinda stuff is awesome
Don't drink crap like 5-hour energy etc. Mountain Dew is OK, but playing video games itself should be enough to keep you up. You don't want to be like that kid in Korea who died while playing Starcraft after not sleeping for too long.
At least he died happy. Wait was that joke to soon???
I guess it depends on what is considered "all nighters". Is it truly all night into 6-8am territory? Then no. In my 20's I did lot's of 2-2:30am. Now, I'll do 1am occasionally on the weekend if I have nothing going on the next day. Sorry, very boring I know.

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