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Oct 15, 2012
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Fall is officially here, which means Halloween and Thanksgiving (for those in the U.S.) are just around the corner. In just a few weeks people will be rushing through stores like crazy, picking out gifts for the gamers in their families.

What do you guys consider to be the hottest upcoming games this holiday season? GTA V is out because it's technically a summer release. For me, Wind Waker HD and the PS4/Xbox One version of FIFA 14 are probably the hottest holiday releases and are at the top of my wishlist. If you were to name the top hottest holiday games, what would they be?
Well, I'll consider the "Holiday Season" as being October, November, and December. So I'll skip any games that come out in September for this list. So, with that said, here is my list of games that I want from October to December...

3DS -
October 22 - Sonic: Lost World
October 22 - Lego Marvel Super Heroes
October 25 - Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate
November 22 - Mario Party: Island Tour
November 22 - The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

Wii U -
October 4 - The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD
October 22 - Lego Marvel Super Heroes
October 22 - Sonic: Lost World
October 25 - Wii Party U
October 25 - Batman: Arkham Origins
October 29 - Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag
November 5 - Call of Duty: Ghosts
November 7 - Wii Sports Club
November 19 - Watch Dogs
November 22 - Super Mario 3D World
December 6 - Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
December 11 - Monster Hunter Frontier G
December 13 - Wii Fit U

PC -
October 29 - Battlefield 4
November 5 - Call of Duty: Ghosts
December 10 - South Park: The Stick of Truth
... and more..

I don't have a lot of the release dates of the PC games. I haven't paid much attention to that. But there are more that I want. Like the new Command & Conquer, and others. I'll update my PC list later. As for the PS3 and 360... honestly, I don't plan on buying any for myself. I've decided that since there are so many 3DS and Wii U games that I want to buy for myself, plus I have to buy other gifts for other people, and I still have financial responsibilities (bills and what not), and the fact that I know a bunch of my friends will end up getting the PS3 and 360 games that I want to play, that I can just play their copies first. Get a feel for them. I know I'll still be able to play through them, and beat them. Or, try them out, see how I like them, and then buy them later for myself. But, in the meantime, the 3DS, Wii U, and PC, are my gaming systems of choice. So I'm going to be spending my money on games that I know for sure that I want.

Also, there are a bunch of titles that may be missing off of this list. These are just the ones that I can remember.

When it comes to the PS4 and XO, I have no intentions on getting them at this time. I know people who will get them, so I can play them later as well. But I can save my money on them and buy more games for the systems that I'm currently playing, and loving. So that works for me. I plan on waiting until next Christmas, and then looking at the PS4 and XO then, and see if they pique my insterest. If so, I may get one, or the other, or maybe both, who knows, all next year. But for this year, it's a 3DS/Wii U Christmas for me. Next year may be different, I'm not planning that far ahead. I'm just enjoying the here and now, with what I know that I want for sure.

The fact that I'll still be able to play the PS4 and XO without having to spend money on it, is a big help to me. So that's cool. I'll give both consoles their due diligence. Give them both a try. Test them both out completely. If I love them, great. If not, then at least I know that I gave them a fair chance. But I'll never fully know until I give them both a full, fair, try. So I always have to give every console a chance. That being said, the Wii U is currently the only system that I'm playing, and there's a list of games that I want for it around Christmas time. And... there's another list of games for it right after Christmas that I want too..

Games like..

Mario Kart 8
Bayonetta 2
Super Smash Bros
The Lego Movie Videogame
Project CARS
Shin Megami X Fire Emblem
Sniper Elite V3
Yarn Yoshi
and.. of course.. the eventual new, full Wii U Zelda HD game

That's 20+ Wii U games that I just listed that I want, and will get. And that's just the titles that we know about. I'm sure that they have some surprise unannounced titles still to reveal, down the line. And I already have 33 Wii U retail games. So I'll end up with well over 50 Wii U games by this time next year. Fun times indeed. So even if I were to get a PS4 or XO this year, I wouldn't play it as much. So I figure that I'm better off spending the money on these games instead, of buying those systems and having no money left over for more games for either of them. So yeah, this next year looks like a Wii U year for me. And then, next Christmas, I'll look at the PS4 and XO, and see what they have to offer, and see what I like on them. I may buy one then. The price, hopefully, might go down on one, or both, by then. Who knows. So, I can wait on those. For now. In the meantime, a Nintendo Christmas it will be, for me.
My wishlist is,

R.O.B. The Robot
Nintendo World Championship Grey or Gold Cart
Mario's Cement Factory
Nintendo Color TV Games
Super Famicom
NES Top Loader
Famicom AC Power Adaptor & RF Switch.
Bubble Bath Babes
Hot Slots
Little Samson
Peek A Boo Poker
Action 52
Caltron 6 In 1

& 3 10ft wall shelves to hold my GameCube, Wii & Wii U games, in alphabetical order. Even though in in that order now. but I have games stuck in front and on top of each other.

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