Club Nintendo Shutting Down


Jan 19, 2015
So it was announced recently by Nintendo that the Club Nintendo is shutting down:

This is a sad day indeed for Nintendo. I am not sure why they are closing Club Nintendo as I highly enjoyed getting rewards for buying games from Nintendo. It really made me appreciate the fact that Nintendo appreciates me buying their games. It was nice watching my coin counts go up every time I registered a game on Club Nintendo.

It's definitely sad to hear and see this but I hope this contributes to Nintendo's longevity in the future.
So there is a new loyalty program in the works in replacement of Club Nintendo. But I have to say that I don't agree with their decision to remove Club Nintendo if they're just going to replace it with a new loyalty system. I mean, why should they remove Club Nintendo just for a new system that's most likely going to give out the same rewards as Club Nintendo would? I just don't understand it.

There is no new information about the new loyalty program at this time, unfortunately. I'll probably try to keep updated with it as I see fit of course, since I love Nintendo.
Well... I can see why. Here in Europe, Club Nintendo has always been a bit rubbish. The survey you fill out to get your stars points takes ages and doesn't give them much information. And there are very rarely any decent prizes. It's a real shame - I got a couple of notebooks with 8bit Mario and 8bit Link on them and they're great (didn't even have to pay for postage!) but its always felt like something the intern was running. I've had as more points expire than I've used.

I think this is a positive step forwards and I'm looking forward to seeing what new shinyness is going to replace the old CN. If it's not as good, it's not as if we've lost much. If it's better: bonus.

I just hope they still have Nintendo themed stationary rewards in the new scheme. I don't need any wall decals or bits of plastic. And some T-shirts sized for women. WOMEN. Not lithe teenagers. kthanxbai.
i found out the hard way if you do a little clicking here and there, they have a bunch of old school games for very little coins. i bought Yoshi's Island when i could have gotten it for basically nothing. got dr Luigi and Crosswords for 3ds this weekend. Looking hard at Earthbound and Wonderful 101

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