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Jul 19, 2014
The Club Nintendo year recently came to an end. Did anyone else reach gold or platinum status this year? If so, what do you think of the rewards?

I was a couple hundred points shy of platinum so I'm only able to choose from gold level rewards. Personally, I was a bit disappointed with the lack of physical rewards this year since none of the digital games are appealing to me (or I already have them in my library). I was hoping for a poster set or journal, just something small but still a nice token for my loyalty.

What did everyone else choose for their rewards?
game and wario, because it looked fun and was the most expensive game. nes remix i want, but is cheaper and will be bought eventually. I'm very pleased with the rewards program. last year i got the majora's mask cd.

and game and wario is very fun for the family
I couldn't get Gold or Platinum status this year, but I got Platinum status last year. It sounds like there were a lot of awesome prizes this year! I hope I can get Platinum status next year, so I can get more prizes.
well, i and my daughter combine points so we can get cool stuff, then i let her decide what we get. Game and Wario is a family hit for us
It has actually been so long since I could afford to buy a game, that...I honestly don't know how to quantify how long it's been. I'm pretty sure, in fact, I know it was before the Wii U was brought out.

How long ago is that?
Nope because I was dumb and a couple years ago I let my friend cash in a bunch of my points.. stupid me..
I got Wario Land 2, since it was most appealing to me. It really is a shame that they didn't have physical rewards! The first time I ever reached Gold I didn't have any devices with the virtual console, so I got a calendar, and it was really nice.

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