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Sep 25, 2013
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Clubhouse Games

Release Date: October 9, 2006

Developer / Publisher: Agenda, Nintendo

Platforms: NDS, DSiWare

This game was one of my very first Nintendo DS games, and, one of my overall favorites. This was the first game that I played a lot. The very first game that I ever played, and later, was the very first game that I ever owned, was WarioWare Touched. That's the game that got me to see the potential of the Nintendo DS. But this game, Clubhouse Games, is the game that took up a lot of my time at first. Well, before Advance Wars came out. Once Advance Wars and the Castlevania games came out, I was all over those. But this game was still one of my most played titles on the system.

In fact, this is the game that made me get both my girlfriend a DS. My girlfriend liked playing it, and decided that she wanted to borrow it. So I let her borrow my DS, since she didn't own one, and she only wanted to borrow this game. And she played it constantly. She kept telling me that I can have it back when she's done. And she didn't play handheld games much. She was a huge Gamecube fan, and mostly played that. However, she fell in love with the DS. Mostly because of Clubhouse Games. After several months, I finally got her her own DS. The pink one. With her own copy of Clubhouse Games. That's when I finally got my DS back. I had to get her her own DS and copy of the game. I was playing the new Nintendo Wii when I let her borrow my DS, so I was occupied playing that, to hold me over. But I missed my DS. So I had to get it back. But I had to get her a DS of her own. She still has it to this day in her purse, wherever she goes. She's big into Harvest Moon tho. That's her favorite franchise, ever. So she's playing those games mostly.

Anyways... Clubhouse games consisted of 42 classic games. From card games, to board games, to 'group' games. Some of these games had different names, probably for legal reasons. But, they were fun, none-the-less. And the music was decent too. Nothing groundbreaking, but I had the music stuck in my head for a long time, considering that I played this a lot.

There were 3 game modes. Free Play.. Stamp Mode.. and Mission Mode.

Free Play - This mode allowed the player to play any of the 42 games. However, some of the games are locked until you unlock them in Stamp Mode. Also, games in this mode can be played online against other players. Tho I believe that only a couple didn't have an online feature. Like 4 or 5 games didn't. Something like that. And some online games supported up to 8 players, too.

Stamp Mode - This mode is a singleplayer game, that has 3 difficulties. Easy, Normal, and Hard. You get a stamp for completing each difficulty level. Also, beating games in Stamp mode allow you to unlock the game in Free Play mode.

Mission Mode - This mode was more of an "achievement" mode. There were, I believe, 30 Missions total. And each mission required you to play a specific game, and accomplish a specific goal. Like, beating a game in under a specific amount of time, or by winning by a specific amount, or performing a specific move during a game. Things like that. All "missions" are specific to the game it's assigned to. Most far fairly easy, tho some require luck, mostly.

When you beat a Mission in Mission Mode, you get a new "stamp". However, if you beat all of the Missions, then you get the option to change the music.

Here is a list of all 42 games:

Card Games:
Old Maid
Spit ("Speed" card game)
I Doubt It ("Bullshit" card game)
Sevens ("Crazy Sevens" card game)
Pig ("Spoons" card game)
President ("Kings" card game)
Seven Bridge
Last Card ("Uno" card game)
Last Card Plus ("Crazy Eights" card game)
Five Card Draw
Texas Hold'em
Nap ("Napoleon" card game)
Contract Bridge ("Bridge" card game)

Board Games:
Chinese Checkers
Dots and Boxes
Hasami Shogi ("Chinese Chess" board game)
Turncoat ("Reversi" board game)
Connect Five ("Five in a Row" board game)
Grid Attack ("Battleship" board game)
Shogi ("Japanese Chess" board game)
Field Tactics ("Strageto" board game)
Ludo ("Parchisi" board game)

Variety Games:
Soda Shake
Koi-Koi ("Hanafuda" card game)
Word Balloon ("Hangman" game)

Action Games:
Takeover ("Tabletop Cue" game)

Single Player Games
Escape ("Klotski" game)
Mahjong Solitaire

A lot of the games aren't difficult. Even on "Hard". Some games, like the card games, are all just 'luck of the draw'. As would be expected. Overall, I think that the top 5 games that I played the most are: Chess (even tho it's really easy), Dominoes, Darts, Bowling, and Billiards. Tho I liked playing several more a lot too. But I always took time to cycle through all of the games, from time to time. Koi-Koi I got pretty good at. And Escape was easy to me. But there were lots of games that I played in this set. I was always hoping that they would make a 3DS Clubhouse Games 2 game. But it's never come. Actually, now, I'd really like to see a Clubhouse Games for the Wii U. That would be awesome. I'd totally pick that up.

However, being one of the earlier DS titles, I found this title to be quite enjoyable. Not difficult or overly challenging, but fun, none-the-less. This game is definitely one of my Top 10 favorite DS games of all time.

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