Cobra Triangle...Ignore or not to ignore?


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Jan 29, 2014
I've always loved this game. I was especially a big fan of the aversion tactics. However, I kind of feel like this game is rarely referenced in peoples catalog. It seems to be an after thought. So, is it because it has no prominent characters or it was such a title that didn't garner attention?
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I've honestly never heard of it. Upon a google search I definitely don't remember playing it. And I'm older (28) and I grew up around that era. So, to hear of a game I don't know not being mentioned means they got little to no publicity (even back then) or flew under the radar as a good game.

Care to explain what you felt playing the game? How did it play, was it worth it, etc..
We're similar in age & it wasn't advertised on television but within places like Funcoland (& Blockbuster if I recall correctly) it had its posters & banners. For the most part it plays like a game of tag with boats. When you're not interacting with other boats there are goals & obstacles. I thought it would have been a great two player game but alas it's single player.
That's the problem with good games, a lot of the time they lack a distinct multiplayer. You also have to admit too for the Generation of NES most people were still experimenting with what could and what would not work. For both game and marketing purposes. I remember a big article in Nintendo Power about how Nintendo wanted to focus on a Multi-player aspect in their newer upcoming console, the Super Nintendo. They definitely fixed it up. So many good MP games, like Mario.