Collecting Heart Container Fragments


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Jan 21, 2015
Nintendo 64

Yup. You know it. I know it. We all know what that photo means. That means in four more pieces you have another full:


So, we'd hunt day and night. We'd look around for these beauties just to boost our life bar. In one aspect, they were like Mario's STARS he'd collect in Mario 64. You wanted to find them all; you didn't need to.

From all the mini-side events to everything else that rewarded you with a piece or so, we had a love of these icons from a young age.

Tell us your best win or fail trying to acquire these chunks of life.
ohhh, good one. First one comes to mind is the one that got away:
The target game in Majora's Mask. I tried till i was dizzy and finally gave up. Heart Piece adventuring is my most rewarding times in Zelda games, so this really burned me up. Looks like i'll be getting another shot pretty soon...
You better take it seriously son! Those heart containers don't collect themselves, you know!


But really, I need to play them again just to go about collecting them. I love the feeling from acquiring them. It's like a favorite food, or a piece of music you like comes on. Same type of feeling.
I just went with the flow in Ocarina of Time, until I got bored. But there was the one in that blasted treasure chest game that you needed the Lens of Truth to help you get without wasting money. I was like 10, and using strategy guides/internet was not an option. Took me awhile but I finally figured it out =^.^=
I loved the Ocarina mini games, from the archery on horseback (gerudo) to the bowling with bombchus, each Zelda has had a wealth of things to do.

I loved the Mini-game with the Eye. Turn it on, cheat away. Or just guess. I guessed right one time with no help, but that was pure luck admittedly.

My hardest was using the proper bugs in the dirt or growing up a vine that would make a hover-plant when you aged forth in Ocarina. Some of those pieces with no guide were fun and challenging to get!
Most definitely so! That "accomplished" feeling for sure.

I did think of one more that was just time consuming and frustrating to find- Dampe's Heart-Pounding Gravedigging Tour. I actually gave up on this piece a few times because I would run out of money before I could find it. Had to come back with more money and a bigger bag.
There is one The Legend of Zelda heart piece that has always stood out as being first and foremost among heart pieces in my memory whenever the topic is broached, and it's from the classic NES game that started it all: the heart piece in the secret cave where Link has to choose between it and a mere red potion!


I always think of this particular heart piece more so than any other because to-this-day I remain completely baffled by the option: who in their remind would ever pick a red potion over a heart piece? (Well, aside from the extremes of a total novice who simply doesn't know any better or a skilled player challenging him-or-herself to finish the game with a limited number of heart pieces collected.) I remember being hesitant when I first encountered this cave, thinking that this is probably a trick of some sorts! :confused:
You know, very valid point. I never thought to bring that up or think about it at all. I always chose it because I was like OOOH HEART but yeah people who selected the other one are like NOOOO. Haha.

Trick cave.

That's a interesting consequence of applying the teachings of G.I. Joe to The Legend of Zelda Shimus! (An observation that is worthy of the philosophical raptor meme.)

I sense a forthcoming Shyamalanian twist in the Legend of Zelda franchise! :eek: ;)
One can only hope, it's been too clear cut for awhile now. It needs to go back to being more free and open ended with some nice twists instead of a guided linear storyline. We can only hope, anyways.

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