Combining Super Mario Bros 1 - 3 and Super Mario World

Thomas Ennis

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Jun 24, 2013
Super NES
What do you thing about a game, that would combine Super Mario; Mario 2; Mario 3; and Super Mario World? They could have all the levels from the 4 games, combined with the character select options from 2. All the power ups would be in tact as well. I think it would be a cool game as a Nintendo network download, but they shouldn't release it and sell it at full price.
Yeah, imagine playing Level 1-1 from the original SMB, but you are Peach, riding Yoshi!
Or getting the Raccoon suit for Toad, that would be the cutest thing ever, right? :D
Personally, I love mash-ups (music and games). I think this would be a great game, maybe combine even more Mario games, like, one level you're swimming, the next level you're driving a kart, and then you have to win a tennis match. It would be a wonderland of games :D
Maybe if they only margainally improved the graphics, they could make a gigantic world. Imagine having 10000 levels to play? That kind of reminds me of Dragon Warrior 7 on the PS1. The graphics were not that much better than the SNES, but the game itself took over 100 hours to complete. To me, game content is more important than graphics.
Graphics could be a part of the game too...
Depending on your health (or some other parameter), your graphics are 8-bit, 16-bit etc.

Imagine, if you're close to losing a life - the graphics are like SMB1.
For the duration of the star (when you grab it) - next-gen graphics.

I wish I was a game developer, I have so many ideas :(
You should become a developer! That idea is really cool, and one I would have never thought of. The healthier your character is, the better the graphics on screen. Perhaps they should make it an optional feature though. I can imagine people getting pissed when they can't appreciate the graphical wonders.
Screw those people! :D
I enjoy games for fun, gameplay, story and characters. Graphics are the least important factor for me :D

I seriously think that this would be a great idea for a nintendo game - change graphics depending on several variable parameters in the game.

Gimme an address to send my idea to. Maybe I get a job at Nintendo ^_^

(dream on averus... dream on...)
I think the biggest problem with these ideas are the licensing issues. Nintendo knows having these games separated and released at full price is going to bring in the cash.

I love, personally, love the ideas. Can you imagine how many people (through the decades of Mario) would want to play this type of game? Whether you loved NES or Wii there would be something in it for every type of die hard fan. Especially if every game had a place in the story. Regardless of how small.
There can be Paper Mario graphics at times. Bonus levels that include Mario Party mini games. Super Smash Bros final round to decide the winner. Amazeballs.
Joan, you're right. I didn't actually think of mixing in other genres in the game too. How about having Mario Kart style play when traveling between treacherous areas? Nintendo could really make this game a universal experience.
Soooo true. But the sad truth is GTA would throw so much money at advertising and people's propensity toward violent/sexual games mght actually steal this dream games thunder. It seems to me sometimes the best game does not win the race. That sucks.
The best game USUALLY doesn't win the race. But I don't care :)

Good games will still be there for us to discover. And those who like only GTA and CoD, they can play those games, while we play games with much fun!
I agree with you guys; the best games are not usually the most popular. There are exceptions to the rules. Final Fantasy 7 and Doom 2 were immensly popular, and very good games to boot.
Hey now! Let's not throw shade to make our precious look better. I love GTA V, but I bought a Wii U as soon as it came out. I like playing everything. Plants v Zombies, Dead Island, The Bioshock Series, No More Heroes, Final Fantasy (all of it), Kingdom Hearts, Darksiders, Psychonauts, Mario of course, Sonic, Bayonetta... everything. And I feel like there are a lot of gamers out there like me who will gravitate toward a game so long as it has something to it - and your proposed game does sound interesting. Impossible to make, but interesting. Now go make an off-brand version on Kickstarter.
Pray Tell, how is it impossible to make? :p With modern storage capacity; and limiting the graphical intensity, I think it would be rather easy for a game company to create.
Good - get to proving me wrong while I play through New Vegas one more time.Seriously tho' I don't mind being wrong in this case, however I don't think this would be an easy game to produce... still good shot at proving me wrong.
At least we can dream :)
Even if such a game never comes out, we'll have enough happiness from imagining awesome details like the above mentioned.

Our creativity will make an even better game in our minds :D
The game would be intense if that were to happen and it would also be fun to play. Lets all cross our fingers and pry for Nintendo to combine all 4 into on game.
I don't think that'll happen unless someone important from Nintendo accidentally stumbles upon this thread and decides to launch this project...
I think that if they are able to create soimething like that then it would be really epic and that it would be one of those games that are really fun to play when you have the time. I think that they should really start thinking about creating a game that is like that.