Comment on the Avatar of the Person Above You

I know, right? :D How is that guy able to hold lightning?!
I think that avatar is Mika(?) from the anime, Seraph of the End, but maybe I'm wrong. It looks like he's crying. Anyway, I kind of like it. ^^
The scarf ruins it because it blends in to much with the cat itself, making it look like it has a giant tuft of fur on its back. Overall i like it though. I LIKE THIS! ANOTHER!
Totally my favorite ghost from the game, that one always cornered me for some reason.
I cannot fathom why someone... anyone would want to put a cartoony purple dragon as their display photo but humans will be humans, and well all differ. Also, I am aware I don't have a display photo to comment on but hey, It's a masculine sign and it looks nice. xD
Ummm... You just offended Storm (The dragon in my profile pic. He is my OC). He will eat you now.:cool:

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