[concept] Ocarina of Time - Zelda's Story


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Apr 13, 2016
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I was just thinking it would be interesting to see a game starring Zelda. I think something using OoT's Shiekah Zelda would be most interesting, and can have Assassin's Creed or other stealth elements. Then imagine if it's based in the exact same time as OoT, so you're seeing Link running around in the background and helping him progress. It could even have the same boss battle but you're controlling Zelda, possibly with an unexpected twist that puts the story onto the "fail" timeline.

It would need to have the story pretty fleshed out though.
that would be awesome. also would work for Impa from SS story. I like Impa
Drop Link. Make a stealth side story based entirely of Shieka tribe. Or hell make a Ico clone with the Shieka leading Zelda whole game taking place in Gannon's fortress. I can see it being like Ico or Lost in Shadow or even rain on PS3 (not to be confused with Heavy Rain)
Well that sounds pretty cool, and anytime you add stealth to a game I would say that you have my attention. Of course I am not sure if anything like this will ever happen, and I recognize it is a concept, but I can surely still hope and dream. I am not the biggest Assassin's Creed fan out there, but I think that this is a good use for it. Very interesting, and thanks for sharing.
If a game was made starring Zelda would it be called Link? Seriously though, a Zelda-centric game would be cool for sure. Really any sideline stories from the franchise that could provide an exciting side story that follows a similar timeline of any of the games. I think OoT would be cool to sideline, but I haven't played anything newer than that TBH. I know, I'm stuck in the past (hoping to get a switch soon and change all of that!)
That would be pretty cool to make BoTW type game with Zelda as the main hero.

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