Consoles or Emulators?


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Feb 12, 2015
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Hello everyone and I thought I would ask you guys ( and gals ) a question. Now be honest, do you now or have in the past downloaded Emulators and Roms? I did thats for sure, that is until I began recollecting my youth. Now I am generally all console.

Just thought I'd see if others out there were like me. :)
I do. I find it easier and more accessible that way. I earned or bought all the games I emulated at one point or another so I don't feel like it's stealing - I've represented the game companies. It's just easier to carry a USB controller and map it for any emulator than it is to deal with all the cords and hassle of finding everything and hooking everything in place.
I can agree it is most certainly easier to carry a USB and controller but I just love consoles I am the nostalgic type. I have also represented the game companies very well but I won't like and say I do not have an old computer just full of emulators and roms but overall I am still hard wired I guess.
I use both. Emulators make it very convenient to play just about any retro console game under the sun on my PC. I don't have to setup any of my older consoles which is a pain considering all the cable changing that needs to take place. Since I also collect rare and valuable console games, it's always great to download and play it on an emulator before purchasing. This way I avoid forking out much money on a stinker.