Contra: One of the hardest NES games?


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Oct 22, 2014
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The NES is full of some ridiculously challenging games that are also just loads of fun. Contra really captures the mindset of that era: pushing you to the limits while also giving you an incredibly enjoyable experience. We're starting up a new series looking at the best rage quit games of all time, and we're starting off with Contra.

Have you ever played Contra? How do you think it stands up to today's games?

Contra is one of the only games I still remember all the level music from and designs. That just shows you how later in life (like 2o years+) down the road that it still sticks with you, so that to me means the hallmark of a good game. CONTRA was definitely a blast; hard by yourself, extremely fun with a decent friend or hellish (if they didn't move fast/died alot).

Another good CONTRA for toughness was the PS's "Shattered Soldier" - pretty legit hard.
one of the hardest? I call BS on that, the hardest game without a doubt was battle toads. That was a game that drove anyone crazy and was near impossible to beat.
Contra was one of the hardest. We didn't call it "The Hardest" so Battle Toads can hold a spot there too you know. Contra was actually very hard if you did not have jumping controls down and did not move at a constant pace.

Battle Toads does indeed have a rage spot in my heart though.
I'm going with Silver Surfer. I never found Contra to be hard. I actually found it to be easier than, say, Legacy of the Wizard. I suppose that's because I have little patience for RPGs & the fast paced nature of Contra was right up my alley. Silver Surfer? That's a bust-your-controller game right there.

I was young when I first played Contra. Back then it was all about action and no strategy involved. So we would use the code just to get as much fun out of it as possible. If I was to play it now that I am older I would try to beat it without dying. That would be difficult, but it would take patience and a lot of memorization as to where everything will pop out next.
I'm a massive Contra fan and own every single one in the series, apart from those terrible 3D Contras that came out for the PS1. Contra on the NES is a masterpiece and is a must-play for anyone that considers themselves a gamer. It's difficult but can be beaten without using the Konami code.

I always advise anyone that picks up a Contra game to stick to it for at least a month, especially if it's their first time. Once they beat their first Contra, they become a fan for life. :)
My favorite Contra aside from the originals was Shattered Soldier, but that was the only "later" in life Contra I cared for.

I was all Oldschool Contra or bust, and just playing it was fun because in essence it was a bullet hell and you just battled against it, so it was fun. I later in life found I love Japanese Bullet Hell games, and I think my love probably stemmed from my love of Contra haha.

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