Controller Grip for Nintendo Switch Review


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Jun 30, 2017
Since the Nintendo Switch released, I’ve wanted to get some grips for the Joy-Cons. Single Joy-Con Play is awesome for the games that support it, like Fast RMX and

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, but unless you have small hands, it can feel a little cramped with the sort of lightning reflexes needed for racing games.

Without the access to the Racing Wheels that Nintendo released, I hunted on Amazon for some reasonably-priced grips made for Single Joy-Con Play. What I found was a

product that I’d seen mixed reactions to, by a company called YAOSTE.


After nearly 3 days of waiting for the shipped product to arrive, here is my review of the Control Grip for Switch!

The Grips, themselves, has a typical controller shape. The outside has the normal hand-holders on the bottoms, like PlayStation Controllers and curve up to the

triggers. The top has two clickable triggers for the L and R buttons, along with a clear rectangle between them to let you see the battery-level lights between each

Joy-Con’s triggers.

The design is pretty simple and actually looks pretty slick. It looks just like a tiny controller and the Joy-Con looks pretty nice when you have them in it. Although

the Neon colors do look a bit contrast to the black color of the grip, the Black Joy-Cons would actually look pretty great in it.

The only issue I have, are the SR and SL buttons. They are large and set nicely, however, you have to push at the most inner area to get a proper button press. I think

that is just the nature of the Joy-Con given how small the SL and SR buttons are and their location.

I was hoping these shoulder buttons would feel more like actual ones, and they do, but you still have to press down the sweet spot.

All in all, I would highly recommend these. They make the Joy-Cons much more functional. I have played many races in Mario Kart 8 and have had no issues with the

overall comfort.

I will also mention how tight the joy-con fits in the holder. It does not snap in, and it is not hard to get out.

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