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My cringe of the month is Horizon Zero Dawn white people.People spending hundreds if not thousands of years outdoors in the wild and take aspects from real Native cultures and whitewash it. Their skin would darken a lot. Meanwhile Ever Oasis uses a Native in the fitting culture.
Well, if we're posting stuff:

Angry "Army Mom" - the saga

Here's the source, but there's a fuckton of screenshots of the message thread split among 11 blog posts so I'll just link to them in order

Angry "Army Mom" Part 1
Angry "Army Mom" Part 2
Angry "Army Mom" Part 3
Angry "Army Mom" Part 4
Angry "Army Mom" Part 5
Angry "Army Mom" Part 6
Angry "Army Mom" Part 7
Angry "Army Mom" Part 8
Angry "Army Mom" Part 9
Angry "Army Mom" Part 10
Angry "Army Mom" Part 11

TL;DR: An uneducated narc tries to get her son a "combat badge" and is unable to accept that he needs to earn it himself, then proceeds to be insulting and pretentious despite not recognizing any millitary or pop-culture references (except Rocky, go figure). This leads to her embarrassing her son and getting him invited to a "Pizza party" (Hazing), afterwards she falls off the deep end and continues to spout hellfire and damnation at people who find it hilarious. The site starts selling tshirts that reference the conversation, which incurs her wrath and the punishment of being moved to an aisle seat.

And it's all real.

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