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Apr 10, 2020
Nintendo 64

Any help appreciated - failed at hooking up my N64 to my smart TV with an HDMI-composite cable adapter - now looking into purchasing an older CRT TV, but I just have a question regarding the cable hook up. I've got the standard red, yellow, white composite cable for the 64, but many of the CRT TVs i see for sale only have two inputs for audio/video as seen in the link. Thinking about purchasing a Sony Trinitron, but want to ensure I'll be able to hook up the 64 without issue before purchasing. Will it work with the cable I've got with the red, yellow, white inputs or do I need some type of adapter? Thanks!

Trinitron will work great with a composite cable (red, white, and yellow), but why don't you just buy an HDMI adapter for N64 and play it on an HDTV?
Thanks for your reply- tried it. Got the Insignia HDMI adapter linked and it didn't work, so anyone else having this issue don't buy that one! Made sure game cartridge was all the way in, tried multiple games, cleaned the games with some rubbing alcohol and a qtip. No dice.
I would return that junk to Best Buy and try something that was designed specifically for the N64, like the one below. Make sure to compare with other products and read reviews.

No problem. I do want to add that if you have the room for a CRT TV in your house, then an N64 (and other retro consoles) will look absolutely gorgeous on a Sony Trinitron. I got rid of my 36-inch Trinitron years ago because it took up a lot of space and was unreasonably heavy, but if I had a huge basement or game room, maybe I'd still keep a CRT around for the old consoles.
I ordered that converter linked above from Amazon, looked like the best one compared to all the others and thought it would work for sure! Alas, no luck. Damn Sony Bravia!!! Going to try to troubleshoot a bit more later.
Update: thing does work! Got it to start up Mario kart no idea what I did though was just tinkering with all the connections making sure everything was in the ports all snug. Turned the n64 off and tried to get it to start up another game. No dice. Put on Mario kart again can’t get it to start up either. Really a bummer.
Is your TV set up to switch HDMI inputs automatically depending on which devices are on? Maybe it's not detecting the input correctly.
Negative.. I've got two HDMI ports, one for apple TV and the other i have the converter hooked up. Definitely sure that it's on the right input. I get a different blue-ish screen that pops up with the No Signal. Before I got it from my sister we checked and made sure that it was working properly, but we were using the original A/V cable. Tripping out on getting Mario Kart to work though and then no luck after that.
That's really annoying. Is there a support number you can call?
Yeah.. Probably but might just end up getting a small CRT TV at some point. Knew that I was taking a chance with the converter, would have been awesome if it worked!!

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